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'The City's' Whitney Port: Will break hearts for photos

May 19, 2010 |  7:35 am
The-city-mtv-whitney-port In this episode of "The City," Whitney Port is breaking hearts to get her “lookbook” finished, and Erin Kaplan wins another battle against Olivia Palermo.

Erin scores, Olivia bores
Erin has really been on a roll this season when it comes to giving Olivia a run for her money (and creative director Joe Zee’s attention). This time around the conflict revolved around Elle’s spring cover, which Black Eyed Peas’ belter Fergie would be gracing. The shoot took place in Los Angeles, but the wardrobe was pulled in New York City. On the one side, they chose a pretty edgy and revealing outfit with Olivia’s usual chunky jewelry. Erin preferred a prettier, more feminine look for the singer.
Before we get to the L.A. shoot, how great was it that Joe pulled Olivia aside and basically told her that her job performance wasn’t good enough to go to L.A. for the Fergie shoot? How much greater was it when she lied to Seth, the assistant, and said she preferred to stay at the office instead? Those kinds of Olivia moments are just golden. By the way, who is this Seth? I like him. I love when he ratted out Olivia for not being at work for a while.

Olivia was at lunch with Elle’s new fashion director, Alexis Bryan Morgan. That was a nice power move for Olivia, but she actually seemed really nervous, even stuttered a couple times while talking. No matter. It seemed that they shared the same social circle and knew each other already. Quite honestly, I could barely understand a word either of them said. Their conversation was more like a label-dropping competition strung together with words that were supposed to be sentences. They were really just bridges to the next designer name they could mention. I couldn’t have been more bored to tears by the entire thing.

Either way, they seemed to be part of the same sisterhood, and that means just as much in class-conscious New York than one’s resume or skills. Before you flame me for saying that, I went to college and worked in New York City for several years. So I’m speaking from experience. And please note that I said it “means just as much,” not more. One can make it in New York City as an outsider, but many times one needs to work a bit harder when others walk in with legacy on their side.

The-city-mtv-joe-zee-erin-kaplan Meanwhile, in L.A., Erin wasn’t pulling any punches. She didn’t like Olivia’s chunky jewelry and the revealing bra-and-hot-pants ensemble on Fergie, but Joe did. I have to say there was something very striking about that look. Oh, I know. She was almost naked. Erin preferred Fergie in the dress, and I thought that was more appropriate for a spring cover, didn’t you? I loved that car ride in which Joe kept insisting Erin acknowledge Olivia’s talent in picking jewelry. I thought she was going to open the door and fling herself out. Instead, she just did it with her face scrunched angrily.

Later, after Joe explained some horrifying process of using focus groups and the ilk to choose the cover, he announced that it would be – no surprise here – the flirty dress that screamed spring! And like a good little instigator, Seth whispered to Olivia, “She’s not even wearing any jewelry.” Nice. Seth is a double agent.

The-city-mtv-jonathon-whitney-port Whitney's choice
There was very little action for Whitney in this episode. She went on a date with the French photographer, Jonathon, who she met at the shoot. All signs pointed to this guy being a crazy romp for the California transplant. He’s French (something Kelly Cutrone says fashion girls should try dating at least once), worked as a war photographer and rides a motorcycle. The problem was that those were the most exciting things about him. Let’s face it: He wasn’t exactly the best conversationalist. Whitney, who has had a record of dating bad boys who (allegedly) cheat on her, didn’t feel a spark with Frenchie. Therein lied her dilemma.

He offered to shoot her “lookbook” for free. When Whitney mentioned it to Roxy Olin and Kelly at the office, they agreed she should take him up on it. Kelly, though, advised her to make it clear to him that she wouldn’t accept it with strings attached. That meant she would probably have to tell him she’s not interested in dating him and lose her free photographer.

So, Whitney’s “lookbook” shoot goes forward, and there’s Jonathon behind the camera. It’s obvious from the flirting and the fact that he asked her out again that he’s still into her. When Kelly asks Whitney if she has told him that she doesn’t want to date him, Whitney says no. Afterward, Whitney takes him aside and tells him she wants to “keep it professional.” Ouch. Whitney, how could you? I hope he sent a bill.

How did you feel about the Fergie cover? And what was your take on the way Whitney handled Jonathon?

-- Jethro Nededog


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Upper photo: "The City's" Whitney Port listens to Kelly Cutrone's advice. Credit: MTV

Middle photo: Joe Zee and Erin Kaplan discuss Olivia Palermo during a car ride. Credit: MTV

Lower photo: Whitney and photographer Jonathon at her "lookbook" shoot. Credit: MTV