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'America's Next Top Model': The models get shady

May 6, 2010 |  8:58 am
Americas-next-top-model-cw-krista In this week’s “America’s Next Top Model,” relations between the women take an interesting turn and Tyra shoots the girls in shadow.

I thought it was really interesting how the duo of Angelea and Krista, who danced arm-in-arm after Brenda was kicked off, have now separated. It’s hard to tell how it happened. Yes, Angelea may have figured out that Krista was gunning for the title and created space between them. Yet, Alasia told me that Krista is a bully. Needless to say, they’re not on the same team anymore.

Oh, and Jessica with the toaster fire? I know she was offended by the girls making fun of her total ignorance about how to handle the small fire, but I’m going to have to side with them on this. She’s a mom. What would happen if she were alone with her kid and that same fire broke out? I can answer that. She would be standing out on the sidewalk holding her baby and watching their house go up in flames.

Also, I’m really hoping Raina’s phrase, “Oh Mylanta” doesn’t catch on like “cool beans” or “anyhoo.” I’m horrified at the thought.

Americas-next-top-model-cw-hobbit-hole Imagine you’re a hobbit (but pretty)
This episode had two photo challenges. Both seemed to test how well the contestants perform under uncomfortable circumstances. Jay and a “Lord of the Rings” Hobbit -- actress Sarah MacLeod -- met the girls at the very setting where the Hobbits homes were filmed for the movies. Now, I watched all the “Lord of the Rings” films and I have no clue who this actress was. I think Raina and Jessica were faking like they knew. Angelea couldn’t even be bothered.

For the challenge, each gal had to pose in a small round entrance and sell the shot in only five frames.

Krista and Angelea did a good job of filling the space with their bodies. Jessica struggled with the small space and continually delivered catalog-level poses. Raina was uncharacteristically uncomfortable, which would carry through into the next photo challenge. And surprisingly, Alexandra, with all her plus-sized beauty, looked great in the cramped space.

Krista edged out Angelea and scored another challenge win.

Model like you have shady secrets
Tyra showed up for her normal “shoot with Tyra.” I know I’m being cheesy here, but I’ve always been impressed with the fact that Tyra picked up the camera and learned how to use it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the flash to work on mine. This is also Tyra’s chance to save money on a photographer. Shoot, room and board for an entire crew isn’t cheap. Oh, and it's also Tyra's chance to coach the girls on things they may be having problems with.

When Tyra started talking about the girls posing in shadows and then pulled out lace tablecloths and chicken wire, I was a bit afraid. Then she started throwing mud in the women’s hair and I was sure this wasn’t going to turn out cute. It wasn’t a disaster. Some of the shadow effects were better than others. Overall, I thought it was an inventive idea.

Krista, once again, rocked it. Tyra said she really knows how to work her angles and has mastered that tense look that looks good in photos. I wasn’t so sure about Alexandra. She seemed to struggle at first, and then started hitting it later in the shoot. Angelea was having some problems, as well, and I think she got lucky a few times. She’s worrying too much about the other girls in my opinion.

Jessica was like... dead. I don’t know how else to describe it. She was lifeless and nothing Tyra said seemed to wake her up. Raina was a disappointment too. Jay feels she doesn’t perform well when she doesn’t like the creative direction for the shoot and Tyra seemed to agree. But, once again, a model is hired to pretend she likes everything about the shoot and I’m not sure how far Raina can go if she only performs well when she feels pretty. Tyra even admitted that she was looking forward to shooting Raina’s “wolf eyes,” but she says all she got was Siberian Husky!

Americas-next-top-model-cw-jessica An upset at elimination
The mysterious Hobbit actress joined the elimination panel, as well. It was pretty obvious Krista would get the top spot. Tyra said her modeling skills were “far ahead of the pack.” Ouch. It was a bit of an upset that Alexandra took second place over Angelea in third, since I felt their pictures were neck and neck. There was something very lovely about Alexandra’s photo, though, so I can understand how she pulled ahead of Angelea.

It’s strange to find Raina in the bottom two next to Jessica. It was obvious that Jessica’s commercial look placed a target on her head for several episodes now. Raina, though, has consistently killed in the competition. In the end, it wasn’t strange at all that they would keep Raina after her rare fall from grace and send Jessica packing.

OK, here we are. The finale is next week and someone is going to be named “America’s Next Top Model.” I personally want Angelea to win. Something tells me Krista will, though.

Who do you think will be “America’s Next Top Model”?

Thursday: I’m interviewing Jessica. If you have any questions for her, please leave them in the comments section below.

-- Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Top photo: Krista in her winning shot. Credit: Tyra Banks / Pottle Productions Inc.
Middle photo: From left, Raina, Angelea, Jessica and Krista watch Alexandra in the Hobbit shoot. Credit: Martina Monica Tolot / The CW
Bottom photo: Jessica in the photo that sent her home. Credit: Martina Monica Tolot / The CW