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'90210': Ade is with Javier, and Jen is with child

May 12, 2010 |  7:32 am
90210_CW_Javianna_2 In this episode of “90210,” relationships are strained when Naomi finds out Jen is pregnant, Navid gets pushed aside by “Javianna,” Silver dumps Teddy, and Harry has some explaining to do.

Naomi is driving a Pinto
Where did the production even find one that was running? I love the sight of Naomi in that car with her fabulosity and gold Bluetooth earpiece. Jen is a lot of things, but she’s not boring.

We need to start with Jen. First, where did the baby bump come from? I can’t believe she has been hiding that this whole time. It reminded me of some of the hijinks the original “Melrose Place” threw at us in the late-'90s. It was good, old-fashioned camp drama (which is something I wish “90210” would embrace more). Now that I think back, I remember wondering why she was wearing a really loose dress last week in a scene at the beach club. The baby’s father is either her husband or Ryan. Liam would have been an awesome plot twist, but they had sex almost a year ago. That takes him out of the running. Where was Ryan in this episode? Is he sleeping off his “homeless-man” stint from the last episode? And, why haven’t Navid and Adrianna even mentioned it again? I digress.

I’m pretty sure the baby belongs to Mr. Matthews. Other than that, there’s no real drama here. I can see this going one of two ways. First, Jen refuses to tell him the baby is his and tries to pass it off as her ex-husband’s kid. That way, she may get a bump in her divorce settlement. Then, Mr. Matthews goes appropriately nuts. Or she simply tells him, and Mr. Matthews goes appropriately nuts. How do you think Jen will explain her pregnancy?

Meanwhile, Naomi is pushing Liam away while she deals with Jen. She’s pushing him right into Annie’s arms.

Annie, like Liam, is having some family problems. And, of course, Jasper’s back! Greasy Jasper has returned to West Bev, and he’s handing out apologies. I don’t believe him for a second. Every time Annie opens her locker in this episode, I'm sure there will be a note from grease monkey. Jasper does make Liam and Annie’s developing relationship so much juicier. Liam loves to rescue a damsel in distress, and I’m thinking this is going to push him and Annie closer together. Naomi won’t be happy about that.

By the way, I’m not buying that Annie’s confession has been sitting on her computer desktop for months now and she hasn’t noticed it. Liam found it in seconds. Ridiculous, right?

90210_CW_Navid_Dixon “Javianna” (Scream!)
Adrianna seems to be fully partaking of the advantages of dating pop star Javier (played by Diego Boneta). That scene where he serenades her before a private dinner totally reminds me of a one-on-one date on “The Bachelor.” Just sayin’. Poor Navid’s timing is so bad. He drops Lila and now he’s constantly one step behind his younger, hotter pop-star doppelganger. He does have one thing going for him. When Ade found out he broke up with Lila, there was something there that said she was happy about it.

I’m kind of weary of the paparazzi pictures of “Javianna” on their first date and I’m wondering if this isn’t all a ploy to get Javier some press. In that case, I’m hoping Ade finds out and falls into the arms of normal, down-to-earth Navid. I think the guy has earned her back by now, don’t you?

Teddy and Silver do the nasty
Do you think Pete Sampras, Roger Federer or even Andre Agassi have ever blamed a bad match on a late night of sex? Teddy’s excuse for his big tennis loss makes me wonder. I thought that was just awful of Teddy to say to Silver. She was so excited to lose her born-again virginity with him, and he blames his loss on their magical night together. He deserves to be dumped.

It definitely killed me when Silver walked away crying after she did the dumping. Not only is she in love with Teddy and considers their night really special after her last manic encounter, but she’s out like 150 grand. OK, turning down Teddy’s father’s offer to buy her off means Silver can keep her self-respect, but I wish she had 150 grand too. I bet Pinto-driving, no-credit-card Naomi would agree with me.

90210_CW_ivy_Dixon Harry watch
Deep problems lie ahead for Harry and Debbie after this episode. Before I get into that, I just want to say that I actually enjoyed Dixon and Ivy’s storyline this week. I still stand behind their relationship. They work for me. He’s like the poor kid who goes to the rich school. She’s like the rich kid who tries to act poor. They fit. When he was selling his stuff, so he can join her in Australia for the summer, I was totally rooting for him.

On the other hand, the whole situation has created more tension for Harry and Debbie, who had disagreed on whether Dixon could go to Australia. Debbie thought it was a great opportunity. She didn’t know that Harry covered up for Dixon’s gambling and for breaking into the school after hours. Now she knows and we’ll see the fallout next week. Either way, Rob Estes as Harry Wilson is finito by the end of the next episode. Do you think these marital woes are going to be the reason he leaves the show? Or do you see something bigger happening in the finale?

Show Trackers: What are your predictions for next week’s finale?

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Photos, from top: Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan and Diego Boneta as Javier on “90210.” From left, Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi and Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson. Gillian Zinser as Ivy and Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW