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'Más Sabe el Diablo': Modern family

May 24, 2010 | 11:55 am

Mas_sabe_el_diablo Lo sé. Lo sé. Lo sé. Usted estaba esperando una  update last Friday on what shenanigans Ángel and company were caught up in. Lo siento. There were dificultades técnicas — an uncooperative DVR, an uncooperative Internet connection and uncooperative DVDs — that made doing so impossible. But I finally got to see all of last week’s episodes Sunday and — boy! — they sure made my jaw drop quicker than Martín after seeing Marina in one of her many skimpy outfits.

Mis rodillas tienen rug burn por todo the crawling I was doing on my apartment floor — tanto suspenso in these episodes!  So cuidado! Put on some knee pads antes de seguir leyendo.

If anyone deserves an honorary Emmy for all the crying and perplexed facial expressions, it’s Cristian Carabias for his role as Topo. Seriously. El pobre chico was working overtime on the caring friend angle. First, Perla cuts and dices his heart into little itty-bitty pieces when she finally — after what felt like an eternity of waiting — gave baby Junior up for adoption. Topo is no longer going to give Junior apple juice or coo lullabies like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and it broke su corazon. No creía que Perla would actually go through with it. I half-expected her to run back in the room of the adoption agency and take back the baby. Pero no lo hizo. Instead, lloraba — en su mini falda and tube top — outside the building, llorando, “Junior! Junior!”  Ay, Perla.

If that wasn’t enough for Topo’s poor heart to handle, his best friend esta en mucho peligro!  Martín is finally on to Ángel. Y no estoy hablando about the whole Manuela thing. Martín sabe everything. TODO! With the help of his conniving mother, he finally discovered that Ángel is his son — su hijo! Aren’t you glad I suggested the knee pads? He’s stunned. Cristian’s stunned. His mom’s painted-in arched eyebrows make her appear stunned, but really, she’s clueless. You’d think this would make Martín reconsider everything he’s plotting against Angel. Wait. Who am I kidding? Martín is made of piedra. It only fuels his anger. After kidnapping Angel’s mother, Martín also has Ángel kidnapped and gets him to accept a job, which would unravel his relationship with Manuela, in order to spare his mother’s life. The job? Mismo que the original plan. Robar documentos from Aníbal home in the Hampton’s. I can’t even handle what might happen next. Dios mio!

Meanwhile, Virginia’s coke spree continues, pero esta vez she gets caught. Sospecha que Jimmy is going to break up with her later esa noche (really, he was just going to propose), Virginia sale con Mauricio for drinks. And her white-powder friend also makes an appearance. While driving, Mauricio tries to cop a feel, which causes a loopy Virginia to crash into a parked car. La policia llega. Virginia goes crazy. And she ends up in jail. Jimmy finds out. He goes on a tyrannical rampage, of course.

En otras noticias ... uh, Cristian and Horacio are … dating? Kind of. Cristian has finally accepted he’s not a fan of females, sexually. And Horacio is there to show him el camino. Their scenes this week were also rug-worthy. All that flirting. Jesus.

So ShowTrackers, what did you think of the episodes? Will Ángel be able to tell Maneula everything without her leaving him?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Jencarlos Canela as Angel Salvador, Gaby Espino as Manuela Dávila, Miguel Varoni as Martín Acero. Credit: Telemundo