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The 'Lost' weekend: Play ball!

April 11, 2010 |  2:56 pm

There's usually more "Lost" fan stuff turning up after a great episode, and this week was no exception. "Happily Ever After" burned up the Internet with its awesomeness, and the Internet responded in kind. Even the folks at ABC got in on the excitement, cranking out the fun video above, which is a part of the "'Lost' batting challenge." Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse challenge C.J. Wilson of the Texas Rangers to strike them out. Wilson ... well, he's a Major League Baseball professional, so that means two TV writers weren't really up to his level. And since it was opening week, there was some other "Lost" baseball action, as seen in this picture taken from the blog Ben Linus in Hats, which celebrates exactly what it sounds like it celebrates.

Hey, do you want to get together with some like-minded fans to celebrate the end of "Lost" next month? Do you live in Los Angeles? Do you like supporting charities? Sponsored by the gang over at the Fuselage, the "Lost" weekend fan party is a gathering that will take place May 14-16. There's a cost for tickets, but proceeds will benefit the Children's Defense Fund. And though the organizers are quick to remind everyone that it's not a convention, there will be fun "Lost" events during every day of the party. It should be a good way to benefit a good cause and hang out with like-minded fans as the series we all love draws to its close.

Have you been keeping up with the "Lost" comics of @nedroid? I linked to them a few weeks back, but he's been turning out some golden stuff over the last few weeks, and I particularly like this one -- where there are twists and turns galore -- and this one -- where he claims to spoil the final moments of the entire series (though I don't think they require too much of a spoiler alert). It's all very funny, and I like the way you can usually tell which characters he's sketching, even though he just uses simple lines and shapes to draw them.

Some people were a bit concerned that the last episode of "Lost" meant that everything would boil down to the power of love saving the day and that that would be too cliche of an ending. Not the good folks over at Gawker TV, who apparently thought that the idea of love saving the day was worth a mashup of "Lost" footage and the amazingness that is late '70s rock sensation Queen. And if you like Daniel Faraday (and who doesn't), there's this motivational poster to hang on your wall. I don't know who made it (I saw it turn up everywhere), but it's great.

Finally, thanks to (which has some great "Lost" coverage every week) for pointing me to the awesome black and white images by Ty Mattson, all of which are designed to encapsulate every episode of the final season with one image that boils the episode down to a certain key point or moment. They're starkly done and very beautiful, and I keep checking back each week to see what he's come up with. 

And with that, we'll see you on Tuesday for what looks to be our last episode ever that's focused on a certain character most fans adore. (I won't spoil, but if you watched the "next week on" segment or know the episode title, you'll know who it is). I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am.

-- Todd VanDerWerff (follow me on Twitter at @tvoti)


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