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'Melrose Place': This war is just the beginning

April 14, 2010 | 12:06 am

Elle amanda melrose place

Happy Season One wrap party! While this finale had nice bits with pesky young whippersnappers standing up to challenge old-time pros Amanda Woodward and Michael Mancini that will surely make for fun back-stabbing plot twists next season, isn't the real cliffhanger here whether the CW will even let the show get a next season? A look at where things stand:

-- David and Lauren are in love again, but crazy, possibly underage Morgan loves a thrill and went and told her daddy that she and David are an item. And while her dad doesn't like that David has to dump his little princess, he is impressed when she tells him of David's larceny skills and blackmails the newly legit restaurant owner into being an on-call cat burglar. And just after David made peace with the whole "was Lauren at work that time or was she working it?" thing, too. This will probably work out for the best. Now that David's working nights, he'll have his days free to spend with Noah -- his son whom everyone seems to have forgotten.

-- Jonah and Riley get sentimental at their totally tricked-out NYU reunion, which seems to happen in the middle of a workday, and share a smooch back at Riley's apartment, but Riles is smart enough to stop it from going further. Yay, Riley!

-- Riley tells Drew about the kiss and he says it's probably best she doesn't think about him as a long-term thing anyway. Remember that whole thing with Michael Mancini and the faulty heart valve? Well, I was wrong when I suspected one of Drew's loved ones had one -- turns out it's Drew himself who's a ticking time bomb. I guess that explains why he does things like sing in a band that books celebrities' dogs' birthday parties. Anything to be remembered, right?

-- Drew is naive enough to believe Michael would calmly and practically listen when Drew tells him his brilliant medical device might be a bust. Even Lauren wasn't surprised when Drew gets caught with Oxycodone in his locker. Luckily, Lauren has no fear now that she has come clean about her streetwalking ways, so she waits until they're just about to cut a patient open to call Mancini out.

-- Jonah also tells his significant other about his lip-lock with Riley. Ella doesn't taken it nearly as well as Drew and the two break up, which is probably fine because neither Jonah nor Ella probably have time for a relationship now. Jonah's directing his first feature film and ...

-- ... Ella's in charge of the West Coast WPK offices for the time being because she sent Amanda to the slammer. Ella found the missing painting and managed to get Amanda to stop embezzling under her name and still set her up so that she's taken away in handcuffs. Truthfully, when Amanda's under so much stress that she's popping pills and hallucinating Sydney, she was bound to fall into this trap.

You tell us: What did you think of this finale? What are the chances Amanda will stay behind bars for long? What do you think will happen with the Drew-Lauren-Michael fiasco? What will happen with Jonah's movie? Will you watch the show if it comes back this fall? Share in our comments section.

-- Whitney Friedlander

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Photo: An Ella vs. Amanda showdown. Credit: Michael Desmond / CW