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'Grey's Anatomy': He's a Sloan all right

April 30, 2010 |  9:33 pm
119706_0025_preDoes Shonda Rimes have babies on the brain or what? Both "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" have focused on wanting babies, keeping babies and giving babies up. In "Hook, Line, and Sinner," Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy" episode, Mark's daughter Sloan finally had her son ... making Mark officially the hottest grandpa ever. Lucky for us, they decided to cast a real baby in the role instead of using one of the awful dolls they've taken to substituting in.

I'll admit it. Despite my better judgment, I really wanted Mark to keep that baby. I didn't care whether his daughter Sloan was in the picture or not -- Mark was just so proud of that baby.

Of course, logically, I know that Mark adopting his grandson is 10 kinds of a bad idea, but with everything that's been going on with Callie and Arizona, it seemed that someone who wants a baby should have one. Right?

With some coaxing from Arizona, Mark finally realizes that it's in the child's best interest to go with the adoptive parents. It's been easy to forget this entire time that Sloan is Mark's child too. He doesn't need a brand-spanking new one ... he's got the 18-year-old one who is still desperately in need of guidance. It's not too late for him to be a dad. I really hope that Sloan stays on the show -- if not as a regular, then at least for an occasional visit.

The situation with Callie and Arizona is really interesting. On television and in movies, there's a pervasive idea that women aren't complete until they've settled down with a partner and had a child. Many of us, myself included, have bought into that idea so much that we can't see the logic behind Arizona's wish to remain child-free. Though it makes me feel sorrow for Callie, I like that the writers are keeping Arizona steadfast on this issue. After seeing her parents suffer through her brother's death, Arizona doesn't want any children of her own, period. That doesn't mean she's inferior or an unfinished product.

Elsewhere in the hospital, April is drooling all over Chief McDreamy. Vomit. April was my favorite intern when the Mercy Westers were first introduced. I loved her little book of platitudes and her refusal to cave to her own insecurities. I found her mistakes in the whodunit episode intriguing. Now ... she's been reduced to a 12-year-old with hearts in her eyes and a painful inability to be subtle.

However, two good things have come from April's ridiculous crush on Derek. First of all, Meredith and Jackson have bonded over their mutual eye-rolling. Of all the Mercy West kids, he's the one who has the most potential to fit in with the Seattle Grace crowd. The other good thing to come from April's crush: a sexy role-playing scene between Meredith and Derek. Old Meredith would've been wildly jealous and irritatingly insecure. New Meredith just uses this to her advantage ... after shaving her legs, of course.

Meanwhile, there's some waffling about whether or not Teddy will be brought on for a permanent position or will be replaced by another applicant. Those of us keeping up with the news already know that Kim Raver is now a member of the regular cast and unlikely to depart any time soon, but Dr. Evans (Scott Cohen, AKA Mr. Medina from "Gilmore Girls") gave her a bit of a run for her money. He was not only after her job, but after Cristina a bit too.

Cristina comes to her senses, but not after Teddy's near-nervous breakdown causes a near-kiss with Owen in an elevator. I'm a little over the Teddy/Cristina/Owen triangle. Owen needs to just make a freakin' decision already.

In the end, Derek hires Teddy as the new Cardio God. Webber commends Derek for his loyalty... but Derek reveals that he originally offered the position to Evans, who turned him down. At this point, is anybody really surprised that Derek is disloyal? Come on, now. I think we're building toward Derek making some serious bad decisions as Chief in the final episodes of the season.

What were your thoughts on "Hook, Line, and Sinner"? Do you think Callie was right to agree not to have a baby? Do you think the Sloans made the right call? Will Owen end up with Teddy? Weigh in in the comments below!

-- Carina MacKenzie (follow me on Twitter @cadlymack)

Photo: Leven Rambin as Sloan. Credit: ABC

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