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'90210': Ade comes out, Naomi comes forward

April 7, 2010 |  8:49 am
90210-cw-Ade-kisses-Gia In this episode of “90210,” we saw the fall of Jasper (literally), Naomi’s sexual harassment went public and so did Adrianna’s relationship with Gia.

Why do I feel like a lot happened in this episode and yet nothing happened in this episode? Maybe it was because there was no "Debbie does yoga teacher” action and Navid wasn’t around to complicate things for Ade and Gia. Regardless of their absence, there were some key moments in this week's episode.

Jasper, be gone
I know that’s too much to ask, but the writers make it look like he’s going away for a while. Happiness abounds! At the end of the last episode, Jasper called Annie right before he was about to jump from something. In this episode, Annie is trying to figure out where he is. She picks up a picture of herself with the Hollywood sign in the background and it all comes back to her. That was where grease monkey took her back when she didn’t know he was crazy. Worth a try, I guess, because she goes to the sign and finds Jasper there. From my calculations, he has probably been standing up there for at least half an hour. Thank God she found him or else he would have fallen when his legs began to cramp. If there’s one thing I can say about Jasper, the guy is patient. After trying to guilt her into saying she loves him with no results, he finally jumps!

We’re not done with him yet, though. He survives, but his parents decide to send him off for counseling. In the end, Annie showed up at his hospital room and finally got closure with him. He promised to keep the hit-and-run accident a secret and she walked out smiling. I do believe I heard the entire coast cheer at the possibility that we’ll never see him again. That’s a tall order, but we can dream, right?

Dixon fakes it until he makes it
In this episode, Naomi and Liam are still together and he gets all cozy (and shirtless) in Naomi’s parent-free house. Meanwhile, Teddy and Silver manage not to break up for the umpteenth time. Instead, Silver contends that Teddy doesn’t know anything about her likes and dislikes. The entire hour she tested his knowledge of all things random about Silver. In the end, he gives her these gaudy diamond earrings. They turn out to be fakes, because he was testing her right back. When she finally can’t keep her disdain for the earrings in anymore, he hands her the real present: "Madame Bovary," a book she had waxed poetic about a while back. Thank God, Teddy. I really wasn’t looking forward to another breakup between the two of them.

90210-cw-dixon-ivy Stuck in "Coupeville," Dixon and Ivy are starting to tire of the kid gloves their friends had been using around them. Truthfully, everyone was just being considerate of their feelings. I would have been annoyed too, though. So, the two decide that misery loves company and agree to fake date.

It’s going well until Naomi overhears Ivy speaking with her mother about her continuing crush on Liam and throws it in her face. In response, Ivy grabs Dixon and kisses him passionately. He then kisses her back. She continues to believe they’re both faking it, but it’s apparent that those kisses have turned Dixon’s light on. I’m actually thinking this might get good.

Oh, and meanwhile Dixon is starting to place bets via Teddy’s father’s bookie. Isn’t it funny and sweet that he’s still carrying around the money his birth mother gave him in the same white envelope?

By the way, Ivy and her mother have got to be the most cheesy mother/daughter team on TV. They’re bad enough alone, but together their dialogue makes me feel the same way I feel when watching someone who thinks they sing well doing karaoke. I’m embarrassed for them.

Naomi comes forward
Naomi has continued to lead Liam and her friends into believing that Mr. Cannon tried to trade sex in exchange for admitting her back into the Blaze. Just writing that last sentence has made me feel that this whole storyline is just ridiculous. Heh. It’s high school. Up until now, though, it seemed so easy for her to admit she lied. Liam upped the ante, though, by telling her that he would never date anyone as conniving as her sister, Jen, and then he accosted Mr. Cannon at school after she told him that the whole ordeal was playing with her emotions.

In her last chance for redemption, she repeated the lie for Harry when Liam was facing expulsion for his assault on the teacher. This isn’t going to be pretty. She’s either going to lose Liam or Mr. Cannon will lose his job. Either way, Naomi doesn’t come off very well and she’ll be found out.

Ade kisses and tells
For much of this episode, Adrianna and the band jumped through hoops to get to their first gig together. Gia tags along and helps the band figure out how to get their instruments out of the locked school. When Ade avoids kissing Gia in fear of being seen by one of the band members, Gia sulks the entire episode.

At the gig, Ade gets stage fright and says she can’t go on (especially without a drink) and the band tells her they won’t go on without her in this very noble gesture. With their encouragement, she makes it onstage and does the show. Pumped by the whole experience, Ade runs over to Gia (still onstage, mind you) and plants a big one on her for everyone to see. OK, Ade, you make your relationship official. I can’t wait for Navid’s reaction!

I have to say what I enjoyed most was Naomi’s reaction. She tapped Silver’s shoulder with a little wink. That was hilarious.

Later, Ivy’s mother approaches Ade at school. Go figure, she’s a music producer. She tells Ade that she wants to sign her, but just her. The band isn’t part of the deal.

Do you think Ade will return the band’s noble gesture?

— Jethro Nededog (follow me on Twitter @TheRealJethro)


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Top photo: Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan kisses Gia played by Rumer Willis.

Bottom photo: From left, Trevor Donovan as Teddy, Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver, Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson and Gillian Zinser as Ivy in “90210.” Credit: Patrick Wymore / The CW