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'Real Housewives of Orange County': The boys and girls club

March 12, 2010 |  8:42 am


I'm so glad Part II of the "Housewives" reunion wasn't Part Snooze, although, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous at the beginning when things got started with a Lynne montage.

Cause you never know when those cuffs will creep up on you. Actually, who am I kidding? You always know. Because they are always on her wrists. Always. And all that wrist bondage she has going on seems to be working because her business is able to sustain the family -- so she says -- and heck, Frank is even working for her. I wouldn't be surprised if that youthologist becomes her next employee.

Now, on to more important matters ....

Sure there was the requisite drama in the snippets of footage from the season, but things got deliciously heated on set, too. Here's a rundown of some of the more memorable moments -- and oddities. (Warning: many of them involve the husbands).

Jeana pays a visit -- yay! And while there was an awkward moment with Tamra -- something about a trailer trash comment Jeana made -- her presence hardly spiced things up. They should have had her on when the husbands (and wannabe husband Slade) came out -- we needed her biting wit!

As mentioned, the househusbands of Orange County made an appearance -- and were a big chunk of the special. Not surprising. Their time in front of the camera this season rivaled their spouses. One of the more satisfying moments came with the help of Jessica from Greensboro, N.C., who put everything into perspective: Jim is "every girl's worst nightmare." She. Is. So. Right. And if my TV weren't new and oh-so-pretty, I would have thrown my remote at it when Alexis annoyingly said, "What's that girl's number?" Oh, Alexis. I bet your pastor is fasting right now out of shame. 

And talk about small favors. It seems Jim has -- gasp! -- finally changed a "poopy diaper." I'll believe it when I see it. Where's the footage? And yes, Andy, it is very weird that it took a show to get Jim to do that.

Then there was Slade. How awkward -- and priceless -- was it to watch Andy call out all of Slade's lies? Jo, Lauri ... everything. And leave it to Jim to find the silver lining: "Sounds to me like he has mad game ... what is he doing wrong?" 

It wasn't long before tension boiled between the ladies and the men. At the center of much of the commotion was Vicki and her outspokenness. The girls' trip-turned-couples retreat came up. Then what constitutes a "normal" marriage, which included a lesson from Alexis on what differentiates a bikini from lingerie. Oh, brother. And there was more Slade. Things got so heated between him and Vicki -- or Ficki, as he likes to call her -- that she was ready to leave the set.  

Then the kicker: Vicki needs to do some "soul searching" and decide whether she'll return for another season. Say it isn't so! Don't leave, Vicki!

So, Show Trackers, what did you think of the reunion special? Did you roll your eyes at the sight of Jim's suit like I did? What did you think of the discrepancies in Slade's stories? Do you think Vicki is really considering not returning or is it just an act? If she's out, will you still tune in?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo credit: Bravo


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