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Conan Twitter Tracker: Team Coco explains the real deal behind Freckles and the gang

March 12, 2010 |  1:07 pm

Today we bring you Part 2 of our investigation, "The Truth Behind Freckles, Beard and Squirrel: An E-mail Chat With Team Coco."

On Thursday, Show Tracker reported that people involved with Team Coco -- his good friend Aaron Bleyaert and his publicist -- have denied that the red-headed comic has anything to do with all of the very clever accounts claiming to be connected to Conan O'Brien.

Bleyaert blogged on Wednesday that fans are behind the tweets, and we (ever so skeptical) tried to reach him but couldn't. On Friday, an apologetic Bleyaert responded, explaining Team Coco is swamped with the live tour and that he had not been able to respond earlier.

Of course, Show Tracker still wanted to talk to him because since our post went up Thursday, we have received e-mails, comments and tweets from Conan fans who are not buying that he's not behind, at least, the first ancillary accounts to surface. Bleyaert was happy to address it.

"I've been very involved with Conan's tweeting; I set up the account, I see him every day, etc., and I can definitely say that those accounts are not sanctioned by us. Now, it could be people from our staff who are doing it without my knowledge... But honestly, I doubt it. Not to get too cheesy, but we really do have the greatest and most creative fans on the planet (did you see this awesome "CocoShopped" contest that our fans did?), and it seems to me that those accounts are them. Which is totally great, by the way. I think it's extremely cool that people are getting involved in such a creative and funny way."

Bleyaert added that he was motivated to clear the air on his blog because "I don't want the general public thinking that we are behind any of those accounts, in case someone says something inappropriate or offensive (not that I think that will happen, but it's always good to be prepared)."

All Show Tracker has left to say then is: Come out of the closet, Freckles, Beard, Squirrel, Sharpie, Monkey, and Taurus. Make us part of your movement.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Photo: Conan O'Brien in his office last year. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times


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