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'Caprica' video: David Eick and Ron Moore on the mid-season finale

March 24, 2010 |  5:19 pm

The Associated Press had a little sit-down with "Caprica" Executive Producer David Eick and writer/co-creator Ron Moore to discuss the mid-season finale and the evolution of some of the show's characters.

It's interesting to note that Lacy Rand will be more active in the STO. I'm wondering if it's all just to make sure that she gets robo-Zoe to Gemenon: Will she be following a love interest or will there really be a shift in her core beliefs? And the tidbit on Sister Clarice becoming a more physical player over the metaphysical displays that she's shown so far is not surprising, but it is a welcome change. I think we need to see the ugly side of the STO (discounting the train bombing in the beginning).

Just a little something to look forward to.

-- Jevon Phillips


- A chat with Ron Moore about the sci-fi soap opera
- David Eick and the history of Caprica
- Magda Apanowicz's Lacy Rand may be the heart of the show
- The music of the master, Bear McCreary
- Talking to Alessandra Torresani about the birth of the Cylons