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'America's Best Dance Crew': The survival of Saltare

March 19, 2010 |  8:04 am

Chonique-sneed3We have choreographer Chonique Sneed, the "Snap Crackle Pop" diva herself, paying us another guest commentator visit as the crews groove to the hits of R&B star Usher on "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew." The smooth Atlanta crooner also sent each crew personalized song introductions and dance challenges a la Beyonc√©.  The final dance-off was one of the closest in a while as well, because the eliminated crew probably had one of their strongest performances of the competition. But let's get Chonique in on this to give her commentary on the night's performances.

Chonique's Top Five Review

The Usher Challenge, I must say, has been one of my favorites. Each crew had to come out of their comfort zones and bring a smooth R&B vibe to the choreography.

First up to bat? Jungle Boogie. They got the bumpin' banger "Love in This Club." The ATL reps came hard and their "musicality" -- as Omarion put it -- was on point. The knee slide was innovative and I loved the style. They were a little shaky at the end, but overall, a solid performance.

Poreotics. "Yeah" was their Usher hit. Funny, clever, and full of stunts -- but I can't remember any dance moves in their routine. Sorry guys, the routine was swagless.

Hype 5.O. The Hawaiians got "You Don't Have to Call," which is one of my personal favorite Usher songs. The skate gag was cute, but I feel it also distracted from the choreography. The momentum of the routine was off to me. I think this crew needs to work on telling the story in each of their performances to go all the way.

And the bottom two ...

BluePrint Cru. "Daddy's Home." Hard-hitting, sharp hand movements, and clean BluePrint style, but I would've enjoyed them riding the melody a lot more. Still, it was a powerful performance and I loved the shoe gag, but the routine was a little safe.

Saltare. "Caught Up." The jump ropers came up with an unbelievable performance, including tricks, moves, fights, stunts and ropes! Truly entertaining, they couldn't have been prouder to go home with such a memorable performance.

-- Chonique Sneed

An addendum from Jevon Phillips: Saltare was possibly the happiest and most gracious eliminated crew I've seen on the show, or at least those were the exterior emotions they projected. As you saw in the above video, a younger fan of the group got in backstage and the crew broke out the ropes and gave him a tutorial. Most people in the crowd were a bit conflicted about the decision since both crews performed well, but -- as was evidenced by a young lady who took to the stage between taping segments -- Saltare definitely showed that there is a secret segment of jumpers out there that they represented well.


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