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'America's Best Dance Crew': Lady Gaga, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief [Updated]

March 4, 2010 | 11:01 pm

Chonique-sneed3 There were a few crews that had very flawed performances in the video challenge episode of "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" last week. Luckily for them, that was last week, and lucky that MTV decided that the phone number hiccup discovered on the voting page was big enough that they'd have to acknowledge it.

In a first for "ABDC," none of the crews went home this week, but it does mean that there'll be a double elimination next week. Some of the crews may have felt as embattled as disputed home run champ Barry Bonds, who was taking in the show in the audience, after their mistakes last week. They all seemed to come out OK, though -- but don't take my word for it.

This week, we have world-class choreographer Chonique Sneed on hand to evaluate the crews and the show in general.  Chonique was a big part of the audition process for many of the crews, as the first hurdle that they had to overcome just to get in front of the "ABDC" judges. She's worked with artists such as Missy Elliott, Eve, Gwen Stefani, Diddy and Janet Jackson -- so she knows what to look for.  Here's her assessment of the performances.

 -- Jevon Phillips

After an exhilarating audition process for "ABDC" Season 5, I found that not only was I excited to see who would make the show, but was extremely invested now in what these crews would deliver. The Top 7 definitely had me glued to my seat as I watched intently on what each crew would create through the sounds of the no-holds-barred artist Lady Gaga!

Static Noyze
The costumes didn’t disappoint and I thought they made good use of the props and the red chair. I thought the number as a whole was a little slow and the momentum never really got the opportunity to build. The costumes, although avant-garde, seemed a little awkward to move in, and the ladies weren’t completely secure in those heels. Sorry guys, Beyonce has made it hard for us all, if she can dance like that in heels, then… You get the point. 

Blueprint Cru
Wow!!  Blueprint SMASHED! J.C. said that "this is the best performance of Season 5!" I agree! Their version of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance was so inspiring; the only thing they were missing was Lady Gaga herself. A strong, beautiful entrance, the choreography, unity, staging, and execution was jaw-dropping. This crew is indeed engaging and clever. The commitment and delivery was on point! They, at this moment, are the team to beat!! Work Blueprint!

Jungle Boogie
I’m afraid to say this crew had a bit of an off night. The focus just didn't seem to be there, and I wish they had shown their strong suits more. The baseline of Beyonce & Gaga's Video Phone hits so hard, and they barely accented that. Toward the end the group kind of dismantled. This group does have heart, so go for it hard next week guys.

Heavy Impact
I love these guys and I thought the concept was fresh! I just would have loved to see them really take more of a risk with the choreography. These guys are trained in a lot of areas of dance, and this was the time to show that! The name of this game is to continue to shock and awe with more tricks up your sleeve. You guys did a good job, but I wanted to see you LIVE!!!

Hype 5.0
I think this is a very solid crew, but I don't really think they met the challenge completely. The choreography was still very symmetrical and in true Hype 5.0 formula. But I didn't see any attempt of stepping outside of their comfort zone and digging in to Lady Gaga's world.

Always amazing transitions, humor and charisma. A very clean, entertaining and solid performance. Just one question guys: What was up with the blood gag? I didn't get it.

"A little 1, 2 and stiff," Lil Mama said, and I must say I agree. You guys are unbelievable on the ropes but as soon as you drop them, the dynamic shifts. I still found the performance exciting and incredibly entertaining. Go guys, all I can say is continue doing what you do. It's gotten you this far.

I must admit I'm still adjusting to the new dynamic at the judge's table. I would love to hear more comments and critiques rather than just pointing out what the crews are doing. It's not only a competition, it's an art, it's a lifestyle!!

-- Chonique Sneed (Follow her @chosneed, on YouTube, and at Creating Opportunities)

[Updated at 11:45 p.m.: P.S. Another first for the show was the Blueprint Cru getting immunity from being voted off next week a la "Survivor." Chonique was able to talk to the crew's creative director about that.]


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