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Conan Twitter Tracker: a tale of red-headed men, squirrels and beards

February 26, 2010 |  5:04 pm

This Conan Twitter Tracking business is getting a little worrisome.

Not only have we heard from Coco and his Squirrel again today. Now, Conan's beard is also tweeting at us.

Someone is taking crazy pills.  And maybe it's us for following this insanity.

Five hours ago, Conan tweeted: "Today I connected all the freckles on my arm with a Sharpie. It spells out RIKSHAZ9LIRK. Clearly I am The Chosen One."

At the same time, the Squirrel tweeted: "Hey, where's my sharpie?"

So far of the three tweeters, the beard is the most prolific, posting three tweets, one response to a fellow tweeter, and a special note for Coco: "Thank you for taking me to Hawaii."

While Conan already has registered 399,255 followers, the Squirrel hasn't reached 1,000 and the beard, poor thing, only has 25.

But can you blame the world? Who wants to follow that thing?

-- Maria Elena Fernandez (follow me on Twitter @writerchica)

Photos: Conan O'Brien sporting his unemployment beard. Credit: Splashnewsonline


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