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'America's Best Dance Crew': Tonight it returns, spotlighting the South

January 28, 2010 |  3:40 pm

New promo. New judge. New crews. New season. New format, with regional battles first, then an integrated show after two are let go in each. What does Omarion add to the mix besides a flock of girls trailing him into the studio? We'll see. Can anyone dethrone the dominating West (Poreotix and Heavy Impact were on my L.A. list)? We'll see. Since there's so much newness going on, we'll try to do something a bit different here too and get opinions from dance professionals each week when the crews are narrowed a bit.  Here are your crews:

list of season 5 crews

I'm already out to a few people that readers and fans of the show may know, but if anyone has any favorites in the dance community that they'd like to hear from, leave it in the comments and we'll see what we can do to make this an interactive thing.

-- Jevon Phillips

- 'America's Best Dance Crew': O man, the new judge is Omarion!