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'So You Think You Can Dance': Finale bound

December 9, 2009 | 10:15 pm
JakobMolleeBdwy_MG_4745 Ladies and gentlemen, your Season 6 "So You Think You Can Dance" finale lineup is set! 

And I, for one, am satisfied with it. Ellenore Scott and Kathryn McCormick to me were the strongest two girls in the competition and absolutely deserve to be there. I was surprised that Ashleigh Di Lello came in on top of Mollee Gray (and Ellenore, who was in the bottom two): Apparently the pleas for  Ashleigh by her husband, Ryan, on Tuesday night worked. I'm not sure I could say whether Ashleigh truly deserved it more than Mollee, but it will be interesting to see Ashleigh dance with and, let's not forget, compete against her husband (and to be truthful I don't see either Ashleigh or Ryan winning the whole thing). I agreed with judge Adam Shankman that Mollee really started to come into her own Tuesday night, but she is already on her way to a healthy IMDB resume, so while she seemed emotional about her elimination, I think she'll be OK.

Similarly, I was not surprised that Jakob Karr or Russell Ferguson made it to the finale, but I didn't know whether Ryan or Legacy Perez would escape elimination. I think America made the right choice with Ryan, however. Legacy was very fun to watch and I rooted for him, but I think in the end Ryan was a little stronger across genres, plus he wasn't as big a crybaby (just kidding, Legacy -- the world loves a sensitive man).

-- Claire Zulkey

Jakob Karr, left, and Mollee Gray perform Tuesday, Dec. 8 Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX