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'Melrose Place': Mommy dearest

December 8, 2009 | 11:38 pm

Melrose Place Amanda Sydney San Vicente

Oh, it's on, baby. But since the "Melrose" writers cleaned a lot of story lines off the drawing board this week, this post will be riddled with spoilers to anyone who was out at a holiday party or doing some shopping on Tuesday night. To make it a bit more fair to them, we'll put the rest of the recap after the jump. SPOILERS BELOW.

Whew. That's better. Now that we're alone, it does seem like the "Melrose" writers were in the giving spirit and I got just about everything I wanted this year:

MP111a_D0390b.r Sydney's been avenged.

How relieved are you that the menacing Dr. Mancini is free of the old ball and chain -- both from the court-of-law and in-law variety? (Not that infidelity has ever stopped him.)

But how traumatized is poor little Noah going to be now? Michael was worried about him before, but could he really miss all the commotion when his mom was duking it out in the pool with the crazy redhead who came to his house once? (OK, the second crazy redhead who came to his house). And what about when he finds out that Michael might not even be his real dad?

Plus, Syd did seem rather calm that evening by the time Vanessa came to the door. Does that mean that Sydney was distraught about something else when she texted David for help in the pilot?

Amanda will be snooping around a bit longer.

Since Amanda was nice enough to cover for Violet with the cops, what kind of awesome payback plan is she going to dream up? We know something's up, but Violet is gullible enough to believe that Sydney was telling the truth when Syd told her she was her mom when she needed a safe house. Plus, Violet thought she had a chance with Auggie. If only she didn't paint pictures of him that resemble Heath Ledger's Joker in "The Dark Knight." Why so serious, Violet?

Yet I still cannot believe that Amanda might have let herself get bested by Sydney -- if, in fact, Syd is telling the truth in those flashbacks and the artwork Amanda had lifted really never did arrive. What are the chances David has something to do with this? But it doesn't look like he and Amanda are going to pick up where he and Syd left off. 

Lauren (hopefully) learns to stay on-call instead of a call girl.

Poor Lauren, but major props to the show for revisiting that whole prostitution's not the smartest/safest plan thing. Sure, one can argue that her OD'ing is straying too close into "Gossip Girl" territory, but I think it's more original than say, just having her get busted by the cops. Plus, it gives David a chance to show that he really does care about her. 

You know it's a good episode when you barely notice that Jonah and Riley have broken up (again).

I'm sure lovelorn girls across the nation cheered when Ella finally got her man. But were they as enthused with the Loopt ad-within-a-show strategy that (again)  "Gossip Girl" also tried?

Thanks, "Melrose Place." Perhaps for Valentine's Day you'll go back to those secret files David stole from Michael? Sorry to bring it up again, but that just sounds like the gift that keeps on giving.

-- Whitney Friedlander

Photos: (top) Sydney and Amanda are works of art. Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW

(bottom) Can we chalk Violet's love of art up to her "mother"? Credit: Michael Desmond / The CW


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