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'Gossip Girl': A Bass from the past

December 8, 2009 |  7:41 am

After last night, "Gossip Girl" should decree that the first episode in December will always be "the episode in which Chuck Bass gets emo." It was the one-year anniversary of his father's death, and though nothing could ever come close to Chuck's intensely dramatic performance after Bart Bass' demise last season, it seemed like a good time for another peek into his psyche. 

A lot has changed in a year -- Chuck has allowed Blair into his heart, and he now has commendable ambitions and achievements -- but the same shadows haunt him. Even when alive, Bart Bass loomed over his son with a furrowed brow and his signature air of disappointment. He was no different in death, except his taunts and criticisms were only for Chuck to hear.

At first, Chuck listened as his father's ghost attempted to dictate his business dealings and mocked his relationship with Blair. Bart's spirit took control, and it wasn't until the end that we learned why Chuck acquiesced. On the night of Bart's death, Chuck took one look at his father lying lifeless on a hospital bed and bolted. Not saying goodbye left him with a lifetime of expectations to fulfill along with a deep fear that he would never be the man his father wanted him to be. Thank goodness Chuck has Blair, who lovingly reminded him that he was becoming a greater man than Bart ever was -- it was a soon-to-be-classic Blair-Chuck moment. The ghosts from Chuck's past, however, haven't completely gone. During a visit to Bart's grave, he received a surprise. His mother is alive! I can't wait to see how her story unfolds.

While Chuck brooded, Serena was in the midst of a Kennedy-style scandal. She and Trip had run off to the country together, but he couldn't hold up his end of the bargain. Soon Maureen was paying S a visit with Dr. Van der Woodsen's letter in hand and a proposition to make: She keeps her marriage while Serena stays on as Trip's mistress. It was a no-brainer, but who wasn't scared for a minute that S would agree to it? Her judgment has been more than impaired lately and Maureen is certainly a master at getting what she wants. If it weren't for the wolves that caused Trip's Range Rover to swerve, I'm convinced Serena would actually have reconsidered. Hers was the only head injury I have ever cheered for.

Meanwhile, Nate waited patiently in the wings. He'd been competing for scenes with potted plants earlier this season so I'm glad he stepped up to become this hero for Serena and a reliable bud for Dan. Barring any other sleazy politicians or questionable older men, Serena and Nate will have their moment to shine.  

Lily and Rufus, however, are going to have to work to keep their spark lit. Lily's collecting secrets about her ex-husband, and in time Rufus will lose his patience. I will be very disappointed if this coupling implodes so soon after their wedding, but I wouldn't mind a showdown between Rufus and Dr. Van der Woodsen. My money's on Rufus!

Speaking of money, Jenny's outdone herself with the drug-dealer act. It's so blatantly obvious that she'll get caught, arrested and learn her lesson down the line, but she needs something to do, right? Whatever happened to after-school activities like sports and debate team? Yeesh.

Time for your thoughts, folks. What were your favorite moments of the episode? What do you think brought Chuck's mom back from hiding? Who's in favor of Serena and Nate? 


--Enid Portuguez


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Photo: The ghost of Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) pays Chuck (Ed Westwick) a visit on "Gossip Girl." Credit: The CW.