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'America's Best Dance Crew': Are you ready, L.A.?

December 4, 2009 |  6:11 pm

It's the day before, and surely there are butterflies for the crews about to audition for "Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew" Season 5. It seems like just yesterday that We Are Heroes first hit the stage, pop-locking their way through the competition while faltering, tumbling, getting hurt, growing and ultimately winning the title for Season 4.

As all of the winners have, the all-girl group came out of the West.  No, it's not just because all the best crews come from the West, but also because that's where the biggest turnout seems to be.  And tomorrow, it happens again as crews will gather once more for the right to represent the left coast and have their banner hung from the studio rafters.  Atlanta, Houston and today Denver all had their chance, and Boston and New York await, but Saturday is L.A.'s time.

Housers, tappers, rockers, steppers, krumpers, ballerinas and b-boys will all get their turn.  It's an open call, though you do have to fill out the questionnaire.  It's probably a little late for anyone trying to get together a routine and just storm the place, but you never know.  Playback Studios in Van Nuys is the spot, and the line starts at 8 a.m., with doors opening at 9 a.m.

We'll report in Monday morning with what happened over the weekend, including some video, interviews and whatever else crops up.  Hopefully some of the crews that didn't make it last year come back out, because there were some good ones (like this crew, and this crew).

Past champs will be around to evaluate. Hok of Quest Crew joined the judges in Houston. Nichelle of We Are Heroes will be in Los Angeles. But it's all about the new.  New crews, a new season and a new champion for the upcoming season.  Good luck, and see you there.

-- Jevon Phillips


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P.S. - In case you didn't get the audition spots:

Friday, Nov. 20
Dance 411 Studios
475 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Saturday, Nov. 21
SoReal Dance Studio
6108 S. Rice Ave, Suite 104, Houston, TX 77081

Friday, Dec. 4
Colorado Ballet
1278 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

Los Angeles
Saturday, Dec. 5
Playback Studio
14547 Erwin St, Van Nuys, CA 91411

Friday, Dec. 11
Studio Location: Coming Soon!

New York
Saturday, Dec. 12
S.I.R. Studios
520 W. 25th St. (between 10th & 11th) NY, NY 10001