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'The Hills': Once a homeboy with combat boots, now a heartthrob

November 4, 2009 |  7:07 am

Justin_0685 During this season of "The Hills," I've often wondered if,  somewhere out there, Lauren Conrad is kicking up her heels, watching the drama unfold and quietly laughing to herself: "Really? All this over Justin Bobby?"

Back when Lauren still ruled "The Hills," Justin was simply one of the show's laughable characters. When she first met him, LC teased Justin Bobby endlessly over his ridiculous nickname. She constantly was telling Audrina to dump the loser. And who can forget the classic line she spewed, rolling her eyes at Justin over his wardrobe choice at one Malibu party: "Homeboy wears combat boots to the beach."

Since then, Justin Bobby has somehow emerged as the show's heartthrob. Not only has Audrina remained in love with him for nearly five years, but he's also succeeded in playing mind games with the coldhearted Kristin.

During the latest episode, I was surprised to see just how much JB had gotten under Kristin's skin. After the catfight with Audrina at Heidi's birthday party, Kristin seemed genuinely upset  that JB had met up with his ex.

I thought Kristin came off horribly during that whole sparring match. First she said she wants to make a faux truce with Audrina, whom she clearly couldn't care less about having as a friend. Then things quickly went south, and Kristin resorted to saying anything to Audrina that she knew would hurt her.

"First of all, he said you two were never together, which I'm sure is hard for you to hear, as a woman," she said. Ouch. I could see Audrina's heart drop immediately. I was glad she was able to throw the fact that she'd met with Justin back in Kristin's face, especially because it so clearly bothered Kristin to think JB might not be completely into her.

"Really?" she replied incredulously to the news, her eyes widening with fear. It was great to see the villainness get a taste of her own medicine. 

When she later met Justin Bobby to confront him about his rendezvous with Audrina, he downplayed their get-together -- shocker. 

"What's with you? Can you mellow? Can't you take it down a notch?" he asked Kristin, who was fuming over actually being played. 

Unlike Audrina, it doesn't seem like Kristin has any tolerance for dudes who don't play by her rules. So, in Kristin's words, it looks like she and JB may be officially "dunzo." 

And amen to that. I'm still rooting for an Audrina/Justin Bobby reconciliation, though from the looks of next week's episode, it doesn't look like that's in the cards. (Did you see that preview? Justin tells Audrina that Kristin lit something inside of him that has never been sparked before? Bru-tal!)

Meanwhile, it makes me uncomfortable to watch Kristin moving on to pursue Brody while knowing that he's still with Jayde. Especially because she has an actual past off-screen with Brody and does seem to really like him. But could she ever steal him away from that oddly entrancing Playmate? Doubtful, sadly.

So, are you as happy as I am that Justin Bobby and Kristin are over? How did JB suddenly become the hottest thing on "The Hills"? And how bad do you feel for poor Audrina? Weigh in below.

-- Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)


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Photo: Justin Bobby lures in the ladies, safety pin, toothpick and all. Credit: MTV.