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'Glee': You're having my baby

November 19, 2009 |  6:42 am

One thing I’ve loved about “Glee” is that its followers – or Gleeks – are immensely passionate about the storyline and the characters. On Show Tracker we get numerous comments on the show, and it’s clear you all are watching and venting! Last week’s episode sparked a number of conversations, about the pregnancy subplot. Below is an excerpt of one of my personal favs: 

As far as the pregnancy storyline very frustrating thing is the watch this episode and here you had the babies real father taking responsibility...albeit slightly illegally (see pot cupcakes). Anyway, at a time when we have deadbeat dads and people unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions, we have a character really trying and I mean I feel Puck is genuine in his desire to support Quinn. I understand she wants to protect Finn and also his friendship with Puck to a small degree and admitting that she cheated is worse than being pregnant.Craig

During Wednesday night’s episode, I had mixed feelings. While I think the subplot of the pregnancy triangle (wait; Mrs. Shue makes it a quadrilateral, right?) was a complete misstep it finally reaped some results that were at least worth mentioning. 

Keeping the tradition of awkward turtle moments alive, Finn serenades the sonogram of the lil’ bundle of joy, and his mom walks in. 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more awkward, Finn decides to break the news to Quinn’s ridiculously clueless parents to the tune of “(You're) Having My Baby.” Thank God for commercial breaks because I needed to Google and download this little ditty I had never heard of. Sorry, born in 1987 and had never heard of Paul Anka until “This Is It.”

In predictable fashion, Quinn’s parents tossed her out on her preggers behind just in time to catch Glenn Beck. I appreciated the show flipping the norm upside down. The scene where Finn’s mother embraces him as they sob together and assuring him everything would be OK was poignant but I expected  that moment to happen in a more affluent household that could handle the financial load of a new child.

110GLEE_Sc01_1014 It was these two moments that renewed my hatred for Quinn. I only hate her so much because Dianna Agron is so friggin convincing as an ice queen with a tummy full of Puck. But like Craig pointed out last week, at a time when we have deadbeat dads and people unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions, we have a character really trying. Sitting back and watching Puck be tossed aside is an even sadder sight than watching Rachael throw herself at another man who doesn’t want her.

And Mercedes certainly didn’t make Puck feel any better after his confession.

"You need to get something through your mohawk real quick. You're the baby's daddy, it takes a helluva lot more to be a father and that role's already been cast, because Quinn chose Finn. And you need to accept that and move on, because you have no business messing up that girl's life more than you already have. You need to back off. You owe her at least that much."

While I scratched my head at the fairness of Quinn being allowed to mess up Finn’s life just because he fits better in the role as suitable father – I can only feel so bad for the kid. He really thinks his mishap in the hot tub did the job?  To be honest Puck would make the better teen dad (can’t believe I actually had to write that). While he wears his maturity on his sleeve, he’s accepted his responsibilities, unlike Quinn, who likes pointing fingers when she should have just kept her cheerio closed. Puck is the only one ready and willing to provide for this baby (even if it’s earning income making pot brownies; he did after all give up the last of his savings as a lucrative pool boy). It’s more than Finn has done; whining "woe is me" isn’t going to raise a baby.

Granted, Finn has a better image, and maybe a brighter future … although he is a certified idiot. Puck isn’t so bad. Sure he admits to going commando, has a majorly annoying hairstyle and looks like the type who’d sleep with your best friend, your sister and your mom all in the same day. He is the father of the child.

Am I the only one hoping for a guest appearance from Maury Povich and a "Glee'd"-up version of of “My Baby Daddy?”

Cue the results.

-- Gerrick D. Kennedy (Follow me on Twitter @GerrickKennedy)


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