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'Brothers & Sisters': Forging ahead

November 9, 2009 |  9:29 am


Sunday night's "Brothers & Sisters" was anything but uneventful. The episode offered some big reveals, but the focus on stories involving only the immediate Walker family members gave it a more intimate feel. One-on-one conversations -- notably those featuring Robert and Kevin and Nora and Sarah -- were shot close-up, with the camera vacillating between the two before holding still at one character while the other continued to talk. Those moments felt even more real and private, and they gave viewers a chance to really focus on the characters' subtle reactions. The episode also maintained a steady momentum, which had me looking forward to what the next few weeks will bring.

Now on to the revelations, starting with the biggest. Rebecca is pregnant! When the promos showed Justin confronting Rebecca about being pregnant, I figured it would be a tease, so I'm glad that they followed through with it. This piece of news will finally shake things up with Justin and Rebecca, who've been so uninteresting since they announced their engagement, by adding another layer to their mounting responsibilities. Plus, it means there'll be another big birth to look forward to at the end of the season. If you haven't let go of the creepiness factor that first haunted Justin and Rebecca's relationship, you should do so now.

The next big reveal wasn't very surprising but was still quite a shock to see. As an effect of her first session of chemotherapy, Kitty's hair began to fall off, leaving her no choice but to buzz everything off. When she emerged from the bathroom in her baldheaded splendor, it signaled a shift. The cancer quickly moved front and center, and Kitty was no longer the person we're used to seeing.

The buildup to that moment, however, proved that Kitty's hair loss won't diminish her fight. Determined to take more control of her situation, she announced that she wanted to explore alternative methods of treatment, much to the chagrin of Nora and Sarah. Although I felt just as scared as they were that she had gone off the deep end, Kitty's emotional blend of fear with her usual stubbornness and neuroses gave me comfort. Her circumstances will continue to change due to her illness, but the Kitty we know and love will continue to shine through. 

On a happier note, Nora has a love interest blooming. Simon, an oncologist played by Jon Tenney, is exactly what the Walker matriarch needs. He's kind and compassionate yet is still very much tough and masculine -- he did, after all, convince Nora to hop on the back of a motorcycle. I was a fan of Nora's British beau Roger, but Simon definitely has more to offer. He's not married, lives locally and can relate to her situation with Kitty. Nora's been a punching bag lately for her kids, so it'll be nice to see her receive some sort of support.

Time for your thoughts. Were you shocked to hear of Rebecca's pregnancy? Do you like Simon for Nora?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Kitty McCallister (Calista Flockhart) hugs Sarah Walker (Rachel Griffiths) in "Brothers & Sisters." Credit: ABC