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'The Office': The dueling co-managers

October 2, 2009 |  8:34 am
Thanks to the foreshadowing of Oscar Nunez — and a familiarity with office politics at the Scranton branch — viewers saw the “benefits” that arise when Jim and Michael are co-managers. Didn’t it make you think the world would be a better place if countries had co-presidents and Catholicism had co-popes?

But it was the clash of the titans between Jim — James … or is it Jimothy? Tallest man in the office? We’ll stick with Jim — and Michael.  Kelly is so right: Rivalries are awesome. I’m really impressed that she put serious thought into the L.C./Heidi debacle. Because Heidi is a “bad friend and her skin is terrible.” But back to the rivalry at hand. When it came time to determine which employees should get cost-of-living raises, Jim weighed the options (penning “pros and cons” lists) while Michael (a.k.a. “senior co-manager”) grew so irritated by Jimothy that when he looked at him, all Michael saw was how “big and gross the pores” are on his nose. Oh, Michael.

The staff wasn’t too pleased when they got the news. But, maybe, Dwight summed up best why it was a difficult decision with his colorful work-ethic metaphor: If the Dundler Mifflinites had been the Founding Fathers, perhaps the Revolutionary War would have been delayed 10 years because “Stanley Washington was napping, Phyllis Hancock was still signing the Declaration and Kevin Jefferson was distracted by a butterfly.”

Also, FYI, Creed and Meredith slept together. Not at all surprising, but I remain appreciative of the nonchalant revelation.


cash-strapped Pam tried to get her office mates to think green when it comes time to getting her a wedding gift. Leave it to Phyllis to reveal that she’s getting the happy couple a birdhouse mailbox, crafted by her cousin. Guess it beats a knitted oven mitt, right? And how adorable was Pam’s squeal when she saw her future name — Mrs. Pam Halpert — on Kevin’s check. Such a nice way to pay tribute to “love’s eternal glory.”

In the end, the two “world’s best boss[es]” hid in Jim’s office to avoid the wrath of their employees.

So what do you think? Who should get the raises? Are you too excited about the JAM wedding episode to care?

-- Yvonne Villarreal