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'The Hills': Brody, Justin Bobby may be losing their 'boos'

October 28, 2009 |  6:47 am

090826_MPTurin_TheHills_0768 Ah, Brody Jenner.

He has so much going for him. Of course, he's good-looking: tan, square-jawed, muscular. Unlike Justin Bobby, he's able to grow just the right amount of scruff. He can even get away with having a cliche tattoo of his own initial branded in gothic font on his wrist.

And yet, he continues to engage in an incredibly masochistic relationship with the infamous Jayde Nicole.

As I watched the couple fight yet again on this week's episode of "The Hills," I was truly baffled by all of the ridiculous stuff Brody put up with.

Let's recap:

First, while at lunch, Brody suggested they attend an upcoming party Kristin was hosting. Unable to hide her seething jealousy, Jayde instantly nixed the plan. Brody pretended to shoot himself in the head and said he was going anyway.

Once at the party, Jayde showed up, even though she said she wouldn't come. She told Brody to take his sunglasses off. "What else do you want, Queen Jayde?" he replied, clearly annoyed with her. As he walked away, Jayde proceeded to trash talk her boyfriend to her friends, claiming he has a drinking problem. Uh, hypocritical much? When Brody called her on downing a bottle of Jagermeister herself, she flipped out, causing Brody to proclaim they were "done."

Sadly, they were not. Cue a teary-eyed Jayde sitting on Brody's couch, pressing him to admit he still has feelings for Kristin. He said he doesn't, but Jayde stormed out anyway, telling him to think about what it is he really wants to do about their relationship.

And did anyone catch that look on Brody's face as the camera zoomed in on him after Jayde left? It wasn't a "Wait, baby, please come back, I love you," kind of look. It was a "This girl drives me insane but damn, is she fine" look. 

Any of you who follow gossip blogs know that the couple are still together. Which begs the question: How long is Brody going to stay in a relationship with this melodramatic chick just because she's -- well, a Playmate?  

Okay, so maybe I'm being too harsh on Jayde. But even if she does have some redeeming qualities that aren't being shown on television, it just really doesn't seem like the two are happy with one another. It's painful to watch their relationship -- which is clearly on its last legs -- drag on any longer. Is it bad that I'm actually rooting for Kristin to break up their relationship, just so we don't have to watch it anymore?

Meanwhile, for a second there, it did seem like Kristin was inexplicably developing some actual -- gasp! -- feelings for Justin Bobby. Though Kristin likes to act blase about JB, like when he sent her that lame text message saying he couldn't come to her party, she looked pretty angry -- it certainly wasn't the reaction of someone who couldn't care less. (And "Sorry, boo, strike two" -- really? JB, please axe the word "boo" from your vocabulary permanently.) And then when he did show up (he's big into surprise visits, huh?), she lit up. Maybe the girl who's always playing with guys' hearts is finally going to get played herself.

And I haven't even touched on the whole second staged intervention for Holly Montag -- which was, in a word, awkward.

Stephanie was at the ready to head over to Heidi's, where the two had invited Holly over to discuss her continued drinking-and-dancing pattern.

"You know my history; rehab changed my life," Stephanie told Holly. "Don't bulls--t a bulls--ter."

I know she was trying to be empathetic, but Stephanie did come off a bit condescending -- and Holly wasn't having any of it, storming off and flipping the girls the bird.

Do you think Heidi and Stephanie's concern over Holly's drinking is warranted, or is Holly just having a good time getting her dance on? Is Kristin actually falling for Justin Bobby's tricks? And will Brody ever smarten up and dump Jayde, or is he just too whipped by a Playmate to see the light? Let's discuss below in the comment section.

--Amy Kaufman (follow me on Twitter @AmyKinLA)


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Photo: Brody Jenner gets cozy with Kristin Cavallari, his ex-girlfriend. Credit: MTV.