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'Gossip Girl': Rufus and Lily finally get married

October 13, 2009 |  6:50 am
Well, it's about time! It took 20 years and five spouses, but Lily finally married Rufus on Monday night's "Gossip Girl." But before they could say their long-awaited vows, we all had to endure the painfully predictable possibility that they would call the whole thing off. There's no fooling us, writers. You can throw in as many twists and turns as you'd like, but those two were meant to be together.

Before the happy couple could tie the knot, Lily had to untangle some of the bondage that had held her back.  We learn that she's been scared of letting real love into her life (honey, who isn't?), but luckily for us, she and the show came to its senses. All that waiting was forgiven after Rufus and Lily's touching and tearful reunion with Scott -- definitely the episode's "Awww" moment. The icing on the cake was the fact that they wed in the Humphreys' Brooklyn loft with Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon presiding. Way cooler than a Mayor Bloomberg cameo, that's for sure.

The episode also tied up some loose ends. Georgina returned with her sights set on Dan and a plan to expose Scott's secret. After her lame attempt to blackmail Vanessa and win Dan back had failed, G had no choice but to crash Lily and Rufus' initially planned nuptials with their love child in tow. Georgina's role in Scott's outing was anticlimactic, as was her exit from the show. A one-way ticket to Belarus with a fake prince? I thought Blair could have found a more memorable way to send her off.

It was also the end of the road for Bree Buckley, whose true intentions were revealed. She used Nate to find and seek revenge against Carter Baizen, who had borrowed money from her family and jilted her cousin Beth at the altar. Did anyone really care? As lovely as Joanna Garcia is, Bree and Nate were a bore and in the end, it didn't seem like such a huge deception on her part. Carter's future, too, seems precarious. Scenes involving two thugs in a limo usually don't end with a slap on the hand. He won't be gone for good; I really want him to have a hand at bringing Serena's dad back.

Now that a few guest characters have come and gone, it's time to focus on the "Gossip" gang before a new batch of people and scandal enter the picture. I want to see more of Jenny, who will soon find love with the yummy Kevin Zegers. Definitely bring Hilary Duff back, and of course, I can never have enough Chuck and Blair. Next week is Chuck's highly anticipated gay kiss. Brace yourselves!

What did you think of the episode, readers? Were you happy with Georgina and Bree's exits? Was Lily and Rufus' wedding everything you wanted and more? Chime in below in the comments.


--Enid Portuguez


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Photo: Lily and Rufus (Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle) are serenaded by Sonic Youth. Credit: the CW