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Critics and celebrities weigh in on new 'Idol' judge Ellen DeGeneres

September 10, 2009 | 12:40 pm

Degeneres-2 "American Idol's" newest judge is getting a few critiques of her own.

Over a month after "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul tweeted her exit from "American Idol," Fox ended speculation Wednesday about who would permanently fill Abdul's spot with the announcement of Ellen DeGeneres as the talent competition's newest addition.

"This is so exciting for me," DeGeneres said Wednesday at a taping of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" airing Thursday.

But is everyone excited about DeGeneres? Check out our rundown of initial reactions from Hollywood -- from her fellow judge Randy Jackson to Kelly Ripa -- and tell us your thoughts on "Idol's" new judge by voting in our poll:

Is Ellen a good pick for "Idol"?(opinion)

Reactions after the jump!

Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times: "I might even watch 'American Idol' now."

Randy Jackson to "Fox & Friends": "[Ellen] can be the voice of the people among us. I think between me, Simon and Kara [DioGuardi], there's enough musical experts to go around right there."

Michael Slezak, Entertainment Weekly: "I can’t shake the deep fear that American Idol is adding cream puff to the menu when we really need some bitter lemon."

Ryan Seacrest: "Wow all went down fast. yes ellen d will be coming to idol. she and paula are both very good friends of mine."

Richard Rushfield, Gawker: "How she fares will depend very much though, not just on talent, but how seriously she takes the sacred responsibility that has been thrust upon her."

Kelly Ripa, "Live with Regis & Kelly": "It's a great choice because ... she's funny and she's got a heart."

James Poniewozik, Time: "My first reaction was: surprise, bogglement and skepticism. Which honestly, probably means that it's an excellent choice, at least from the standpoint of getting viewers."

Sharon Osbourne to People: "She will be a breath of fresh air on that show, a complete breath of fresh air. It's new blood. And [American Idol] needed something new to happen."

Andrew Belonsky, Gawker: "We too are thrilled thrilled, because it's just plain wonderful DeGeneres got this gig. First, she fulfills something we feared would be lost in Abdul's absence: genuine niceness."

Ramin Setoodeh, Newsweek: "Ellen will have all of Paula's strengths.... But she won't have any of Paula's weaknesses."

Nick Cannon to People: ""I know she's going to do amazing with that. When you're too serious, it's never fun. She knows how to have fun."

Brian Lowry, Variety: "DeGeneres would appear to be an ideal fit -- a genuine fan whose enthusiasm for the show is obvious, but also somebody who can ventilate some of its self-importance and Simon Cowell's trademark pomposity with humor instead of merely rolling her eyes."

Andy Cohen, Bravo: "I love her but I don't GET it."

James Hibberd, The Hollywood Reporter: "Signing DeGeneres is a good get for Fox ... and an odd choice for 'Idol.' Being an 'Idol' judge means taking quite seriously a show that is, in some respects, overstuffed and absurd. It's tough to predict how DeGeneres' humor will mesh with that."

Perez Hilton: "Whosever idea this was deserves a HUGE pay raise! Inspired choice."

Josef Adalian, The Wrap: "Landing DeGeneres -- who's more famous than anyone on the current panel, save Simon Cowell -- is a coup for 'Idol.'"

Verne Gray, Newsday: "I expected someone a little younger, frankly, AND someone with a musical background AND someone who would try to replicate that coquettish thing that Paula had with [Simon Cowell]."

MJ Santilli, "So, is she going to be a real judge or some kind of joke? She’s a comedian, not a singer or a musician. I’m kinda flummoxed here."

Alan Sepinwall, Newark Star-Ledger: "In many ways, Ellen is a great choice. She's obviously comfortable on camera, doesn't have a big ego (or, at least, never comes across as having one), and, as she says in those quotes (and as is clear if you watch her talk show), she loves 'Idol' and understands how it works."

Terry Morrow, Knoxville News Sentinel: "This has to be one of the dumbest moves in the history of television."

-- Kate Stanhope

Photo credit: PRNewsFoto