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'90210': Finally, Annie rules the yacht while everyone else drowns

September 23, 2009 |  8:28 am


I guess I should have expected it. What was I thinking? No “90210” party is complete unless the tables are turned and the homecoming queen is dethroned. At Teddy’s yacht party we saw both -- and then some. So, who rocked the boat and who got rocked? Let’s review the footage, shall we?

It was a long time coming, but Annie has finally taken control of the ship. She showed the kind of devious planning that only the Clark sisters seem capable of. The thing is, Annie really didn’t do anything to begin with and, while I enjoyed her misery for a while, it’s high time she stopped sulking and did something about it. 

How did she flip the switch? First, she convinced Mark, the drunken hook-up who took the naked picture, to expose Naomi as the notorious “sexter” in front of Silver. After that backfired with Silver (who, while shocked that Naomi sent the text and lied about it, was more turned off by the overall girl drama), Naomi declared war on Annie.

Annie, realizing that once they were off the boat Naomi would make good on her threats, decided to strike another blow. She convinced Liam that he needed to disclose whom he really had sex with on prom night. But instead of letting Liam admit that it was Naomi’s sister, Annie lied and said it was she after all. 

It would have been smart to stop there, but as we know Annie isn’t great at slamming on the brakes. To add insult to injury, Annie claimed she was sleeping with Liam the entire time he and Naomi were hooking up. Devious, right? The ball is now in Naomi’s court and I can’t wait for her to take a shot.

Side note: Why was Naomi wearing the Scarecrow’s straw hat? So “Wicked,” but not in a good way.

Naomi wasn’t the only one who was exposed at the yacht party. Teddy’s true motives surfaced when he came on to Adrianna below deck. She narrowly escaped his advances, but couldn’t tell Navid because she knew he would lose it, and because his opinion of Teddy seemed to have turned a corner after Teddy claimed that it wasn't him that was having the ménage à trois that got him kicked out of his old school. He was covering for his roommate. Right. Oh, Naive, er, I mean Navid.


The adults also resurfaced in this episode; they have needs, too. Looks like things haven’t changed much for Kelly since her boyfriend-stealing days in high school. She’s getting dangerously close to Annie’s dad, Principal Wilson. And his wife, Debbie, has taken notice.

Then there’s Dixon, whose head could only fit in Navid’s convertible Lamborghini these days. Determined to move on from Silver, he met an older girl, Sasha. She’s hot. But hotter than Beyonce, as he bragged to the guys later? I think not. She can talk sports like a jock, and she’s a professional deejay. Of course, he lied about his age and agreed to a date for later that week. Oops, there she was deejaying at Teddy’s party. Despite all his efforts to keep Sasha from learning the truth, she ran into Silver at the bar. And of course, Silver learned pretty quickly that Sasha didn’t know the entire truth about her ex. 

To her credit (after all it’s Silver, not Annie), she didn't narc out Dixon, but played along. Poor low self-esteemed Silver! Later, Sasha convinced Dixon to let her drive Navid’s car and before he knew it she announced that they were going on a drive ... to Napa! Did he just get kidnapped? 

Finally, there’s Liam, the only person who wanted to come clean this week but couldn’t. After Annie set him up, he totally “Hulked out.” We last saw him angrily shuffling through what looked like blueprints for something. Let’s hope he isn’t channeling his anger into some kind of new construction hobby, because healthy coping methods are not very “90210.” If his history is any indication, I think choppy waters are ahead …

-- Jethro Nededog 

Photo credit: The CW