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'Weeds': Love is in the air

August 18, 2009 |  7:38 am


Ah, love is in the air on "Weeds." Though the love on "Weeds" is a little different. Come to think of it, the air is probably pretty different too. This isn’t the "According to Jim" version of love. I don’t think it ever had a title card that was a textbook diagram of a vagina.

The Botwin-Reyes clan started off trying to be a family off of a Normal Rockwell painting. They were even playing lawn darts, which I think has been illegal since Rockwell’s time. One side (Nancy and Esteban) is having a blast, while the other (Silas and Shane) is annoyed. Annoyed or making extremely dark jokes about the day their father died while jogging. Wow, Shane. I’d almost be creeped out if it wasn’t funny.

Then in walks Adelita, another new member of the family. And she already has a ton of baggage. She’ll fit right in.

Shane wants to flirt with her. He invites her for a night swim, gets her to suggest some books. If I know Silas, it won’t be long before he hooks up with her, then falls way too hard for her and is emotionally destroyed when she breaks up with him. That Silas, such a player.

Nancy wants to bond with her, but instead Adelita challenges her child-rearing skills and passes on getting to know Nancy due to a lack of interest in her father’s love life. It’s hard to blame her, though. She just arrived home to find out her dad is married and her room has been transformed into a maternity ward. That’s a rough afternoon.

Nancy doesn’t really seem bothered by the young lady until Esteban, her husband, drunkenly blurts out that he doesn’t think Silas is in the same league as Adelita. Esteban specifically sent her to France to get the kind of education that would keep her away from choices like Silas. Seriously, hooking up with a hot beach guy while on your summer break looking for colleges? How French is that?

While Nancy is getting smacked down by a high school senorita, she is also getting picture texts from Guillermo. Showtime has got to release that picture for download. I would totally make it my phone’s background.

Nancy meets with Guillermo to hammer out the rest of their plan to whack Pilar. Guillermo just needs her to get his case transferred to Mexico. Then he can slip out under a door and go all David Blaine. I doubt he means he’s going to freeze himself in a giant block of ice. But you never know.

Meanwhile, on the less Mexican Mafia side of life, Andy and Dr. Morissette are getting along pretty well. I know her character’s name is Dr. Audra Kitson, but I can’t help thinking “there’s Alanis Morissette hopping in the General Lee” or “there’s Alanis Morissette naked except for a well-placed arm.” Their date starts with an ever-expanding foot rub by Andy while Audra names all the bones he’s working. That has to be a challenge for sexiest scene against Eric and Sookie this week on "True Blood." Though I think Eric and Sookie might win that battle.

Andy and Audra make a pretty good couple. The other big couple of the episode is Celia and Raylene. Raylene makes her attraction known in the middle of a restaurant, and Celia appears to want to take her up on it. She even goes to her gay daughter, Isabelle, for some advice on kissing women (I’d say it’s more soft like puppies than rotten fruit, depending on who you’re kissing). After a day of shopping, Raylene shows her what it is like to kiss a girl. That’s all for tonight, but Raylene says there’s more to come.

Doug and Dean are trying to come up with a plan to get back at Celia for all she’s done to them, but they realize that when they smoke pot, they “can’t strategize good.” They decide to smoke in shifts and write good ideas on each other. If that’s a hint at the kind of ideas they come up with when sober, I don’t think pot is their problem. Luckily, Isabelle is ready to sign up for Revenge Inc. after she learns of Celia’s dip into lesbianism. Daughter versus mother. Let the fight begin.

The emotional heart of the episode comes with Nancy in the bathroom with her boys (her two eldest, I’d better say now). She makes an attempt to change the bandages on Shane’s gunshot wound while she obviously desperately wants to talk to Silas about Adelita. Both boys storm out before she can help either of them. This and little Stevie Ray is refusing breast milk for formula. Not a good day to be Nancy’s maternal instinct.

At least she has Esteban. He’s confident. He’s on the rise in politics. He’s got a Twitter account. Heck, he’s sexier than Gavin Newsom. That’s saying something. Check this guy out. Good thing there’s no reason for police to show up and arrest him in the final seconds of the episode. Right?

-- Andrew Hanson

Photo: Demian Bichir as Esteban Reyes and Mary-Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin. Credit: Showtime Television