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Recap: 'True Blood' Season 2, Episode 7

August 4, 2009 | 12:33 pm


We find ourselves back at the orgy that never ends. (Yay!) Sam is about to become Mary Ann's lunch meat, and the whole town is naked and writhing around with black-saucer eyes. Tara licks Sam's face, Sam slaps Daphne, Andy (who has stumbled upon the whole messed-up scene) fires his gun. The orgy-makers don't like the noise, they moan and act like dizzy toddlers. Sam runs, Mary Ann chases him. But surprise, Sam shifts into a bird and flies away. Back in sex-ville Terry breaks Andy's arm.

It's just another beautiful day in Bon Temps.

Cut to Sookie and Hugo still locked in the basement at Fellowship of the Sun headquarters. Hugo is claustrophobic and losing his cool. Sookie is yelling for Godric. Back at the hotel Bill can feel Sookie's fear, but he can't get past bloodthirsty Lorena. Only in this episode, instead of focusing on what a maniacal killer Bill is, his compassionate side is highlighted in a flashback. It's 1935 in L.A. and Lorena has brought home a sweet young thing for Bill to suck on, but he doesn't want to. Suddenly he's got a conscience.

"No more innocent lives, no more bloody baths and cruelty for sport," he thunders. Bloody baths? T.M.I., Bill, T.M.I.

While Bill spars with Lorena, Eric spies on the F.O.S., trying to figure out how they managed to overpower a vampire like Godric. He becomes certain there is a mole in his world who is feeding information to the church.

What Eric doesn't know is that Sarah and Jason are in the church balcony, locked in a post-coital embrace. Sarah is flush with love for God so she suggests to Jason that they tell Steve the truth. (But wait, it's not cheating if you don't feel guilty, right?) Not so fast, Jason persuades her to wait until after the lock in.

Meanwhile, the sweetest sex of all, in an episode chock full of it, is happening at the hotel between Jessica and Hoyt, who are busy admitting their virginity to each other and finding it endlessly charming. 
Jessica says she'll be Hoyt's first but not before they cuddle through the day so she can regain her strength.

Back at Sookie's house Tara and Eggs wake up on the couch with zero memory of the night before. (What? It happens.) Arlene doesn't remember anything either, but she's afraid she has date-raped Terry. Mary Ann shows up, disheveled, with a dead, dripping rabbit in her hands. She wants to eat it. Cut to Sam rushing into Merlotte's to grab a gun. Trouble is ahead.

Sookie is still trapped in the F.O.S. basement, and Steve is heckling her for being a vampire-lover. Then Hugo lets it slip that her last name is Stackhouse, and it dawns on Steve that Jason is Sookie's brother. He is filled with rage at his perceived betrayal. Sookie realizes Hugo is the mole, and she sends a telepathic message to Barry to go to Bill to tell him she's in trouble. Bill won't be able to do much, though; Lorena is sapping his strength by making him stay awake during the day. She also tells him that Eric summoned her because he wants Sookie. (It begins!)

Jason has no idea that Sookie is in danger. He has already packed his bag and is busy fleeing from Sarah and her big mouth. But he's grabbed by a furious Steve and Gabe, who puts a knife to his throat. Then Gabe insults Sookie, so Jason does what he does best: beats him up and runs away. As he's running a Jeep begins following him. He's afraid it's Steve, but it's only Sarah. Steve has just told her about Jason and Sookie's family relationship. She steps out of the Jeep, points a gun at Jason and fires. He falls.

Another gun is being pointed by Sam at Daphne while she sits on the dock. "I trusted you," he yells, frantic. Daphne remains creepily cool. She says that Mary Ann is her savior and that she's angry that Sam got away. Apparently the black eyes that people get around Mary Ann are a result of her energy.

"What is she?" asks Sam.

"She's God, dum-dum," Daphne says, before explaining that she is really a maenad or a handmaiden of Dionysus, the horned god of wild energy, lust and excess. Yup, that makes perfect sense. But Sam still tells Daphne where to go. After he leaves Mary Ann and Eggs show up on the dock. Mary Ann thanks Daphne for her service and Eggs stabs her in the breast. What? So much sex and death! (But that makes for near-perfect television.)

In a final burst of violence Gabe beats up Hugo and Sookie in the basement of the F.O.S. Sookie screams at the top of her lungs. Bill feels it, but Lorena stops him from leaving even though he tells her he will never love her. Then, in a maudlin moment worthy of the stage, Bill tries to stake himself. This is too much, even for Lorena, so she releases him. At that moment Barry shows up to give Bill Sookie's message, he rushes off -- and it happens quickly -- but I'm pretty certain Lorena grabs Barry.

At F.O.S. Gabe is about to rape Sookie. But then, out of nowhere, Godric appears (looking really good in the modern day!) and throws Gabe off of her.

Whew! Wow. What will they come up with next?

Roll credits.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Jessica and Hoyt in love. Credit: HBO