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'Project Runway': Chatting with All-Star winner Daniel Vosovic

August 21, 2009 | 12:51 pm
Allstars_6 After winning the "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge," an exhausted but exhilarated Daniel Vosovic took time to talk to us about his second go-around on "Project Runway."

Were you more aware this time on how you and the other contestants were different when the cameras were rolling?
I felt that there was bit more of a calmness throughout the entire group. It was almost like "wink-wink, nudge-nudge" with all of us because it was a new production crew and we were sort of like, "We've been here and done that; you're the new ones." You'd catch on to little hints: "Oh the camera's moving; that means Tim [Gunn]'s coming in." It gave me more of a chance to focus on designs and not the show. 

Did you make any attempt to do anything differently this time around?

My whole goal was to 100% put out what I wanted to do, regardless of what twists, turns or high jinks the show threw at me. On the runway I told the judges that four years ago, I was designing for them, I admit it. But now, "I don't know if you will like this, I don't know if you will hate it, but this is me, this is the woman I'm designing for and I hope that you do like it," and it turns out that they did. It's a great place to be as a designer to be confident in what you're doing. I'm 28 and I have a very clear point of view now on where I'm going. It feels really good.

Who would you have picked to win other than you?
Seeing the collection I had thought my biggest competition were Uli [
Herzner] and Korto [Momolu]

I was surprised that Uli was in the bottom four.
I know, right? Totally, totally weird.  She was on the show three years ago and we're all allowed to grow as designers. They liked my growth and they didn't like hers -- that sounds gross. It was very unusual to hear.  I was looking at her clothes and thinking . . . "I'm jealous; I wish I had thought of that." 

Which was your favorite piece that you showed?

Certainly the red carpet look. I loved the dress itself, and I thought it would be phenomenal on Nicole Kidman. We'll see if we can get her in it!  I found it similar to my orchid blouse from my orignal season. It felt like the right dress on the right girl right time. 

Was there anyone you actively didn't want to win?


Not even Jeffrey Sebelia, since he had won already?
There really honestly wasn't!  Every single person from the show has texted, called or e-mailed me or since the show aired and said congratulations. We're all good friends. There will never be a best designer. I happen to hold the title right now, but if you throw us all in the room together and it could be a completely different outcome. 

Was there anyone you wished had competed who didn't?

I really wish that Season 1 had been represented. I know that they wanted Austin [Scarlett], but he was in Paris for the month. I would have liked to see Jay [McCarroll] or Kara Saun.

What are you going to do with the money?
Well, for the boring stuff, I'll invest it with the rest of our investment money: We're opening a new studio this fall and have new employees to start paying. I think as a little side trip -- my boyfriend's never been to Europe before. We've been together for three years and I'd love to surprise him, maybe take a little trip to Ireland or Paris. 

In this interview you said that Nina Garcia is your favorite judge. Why is that?

She just has a way of cutting through the [foolishness] like no one else. As an editor it's her job to look and be aware of what everyone else is doing. I think that perspective is something that not all the judges have, which is what makes the entire panel great. I think that as an editor she's just really good at what she does and her feedback is just so spot-on. 

Did you catch the premiere of the new season?
I did not. When you're in a room with supporters and friends and you win, the champagne started popping and the TV gets shut off. Then all the stories of all the behind-the-scenes stuff comes out: all the stuff you can't talk about!

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo credit: Lifetime