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'NYC Prep': Dating don'ts

August 5, 2009 |  6:41 am

NYCPrep_TaylorCole There are certain do's and don'ts of dating, and Tuesday night on "NYC Prep," Cole committed two very big don'ts.

At a party to which both prep and public school students were invited, Cole thought it would be a brilliant idea for current girlfriend Taylor to meet and become friends with ex-girlfriend Deniz. We don't get much information about Deniz or her relationship with Cole other than the fact that they remain friends and that Taylor, in a convo with a friend before the party, thinks Deniz is "weird" and still obsessed with him. That last fact is obviously unbeknown to Cole, and the introduction turns into a pretty uncomfortable scene. Deniz and Taylor, identical in hairstyle and in the mortified looks on their faces, sit and listen to Cole long enough for him to finish his spiel before quickly turning as far away from each other as they can.

Guys, don't ever force your ex-girlfriend and current girlfriend into a friendship for your behalf, especially if the ex still carries a torch for you. It's awkward and, frankly, pretty self-centered.

Unfortunately, redemption is nowhere in sight for Cole. Suspicious of PC and Taylor's budding friendship, he learns from a friend that Taylor was invited to PC's penthouse party. Instead of confronting her about why she hadn't mentioned the party to him, he attempts to ambush her and crash it. Taylor, as it turns out, gets grounded and can't make the party, so you can imagine the look on PC's face when Cole shows up at the door. Again, a pretty uncomfortable scene. PC maintained his cool, but Cole's pop-in was very embarrassing for Taylor.

Guys, if you think your otherwise faithful girlfriend is lying to you about going someplace, don't show up to try to catch her in the act. Just ask her about it.

After committing those two big don'ts, it was no surprise that Taylor sent Cole packing. He had acted selfishly and humiliated her in front of her friends. Despite all that, Taylor was fairly nice about breaking his heart (although she did stifle a smile and a sigh of relief after their breakup scene). She still offered her friendship, which can be a do or a don't depending on the circumstances. Taylor's relationship with PC may be strained after her no-show to his party and Sebastian has moved on, so we'll see whether a new prep school boy will step up to the plate.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Cole deserved to get dumped?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo credit: Bravo