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'Hell's Kitchen': They're dropping like flies!

August 12, 2009 |  2:52 pm

The ladies won the appetizer. But then they lost the battle. And then they lost the war.

Going into this season of "Hell's Kitchen," the Tyrant Chef Ramsay said he believes the women often have a slight advantage. They tend to listen and learn. They do their homework -- studying recipes. And more often than not, their goal is to please the chef, which is no small thing. He said men often come into the competition with something to prove -- that they can go toe-to-toe with the toughest chef in town. Well, this crop of women may be doing something unprecedented in "Hell's Kitchen": Proving Chef Ramsay wrong. 

The women are just a basketful of sorry. They don't communicate. They don't listen. And they either undercook or overcook everything. Last week, Lovely got the boot, despite doing a dance that goes something like "Chef Ramsay loves me, Chef Ramsay loves Lovely." Apparently not. This week, Suzanne forged her own agenda when the job was to prepare a menu fit for a war hero -- in this case, a surprise party for a returning military man. His wife told Suzanne that he likes his surf and turf. Instead, Suzanne made the menu about all of her favorites. It helped the women win the appetizer round of the challenge, but ultimately the men's team got to decide the menu. Later in the night, the women took another tumble, and Tek got the boot after a dreadful performance. I couldn't help but fret over all those steaks she burned. Do they just go in the garbage? Amanda started crying. Tennille CAN'T STOP TALKING LIKE THIS, AND ACTING LIKE A VICTIM. Are any of these women worthy?

Complete and utter aside: It was great getting a look at the woman behind the man -- in this case, Chef Ramsay's wife. But why didn't we get more. And what was with that dope-de-dope music that was playing in the background while she was talking?

-- Rene Lynch