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'America's Best Dance Crew': Last for One -- another reason to expand

August 19, 2009 |  5:55 pm

So, MTV has established that "America's Best Dance Crew" is and can continue to be a solid program. When it premiered a few weeks ago, it was the No. 1 basic cable program for the day among the 12 to 34-year-olds, females 18 to 34 and teens 12 to 17.  Maybe even more relevant to today's social media-minded public was that "ABDC" has been a top topic on Twitter for the last two Sunday nights that it's aired.

But it still needs a bit of a push. The personalities this season are fun, and the producers put some thought into bringing even more diversity onto the show with line-dancing, vogueing and other dance styles. Diversity, both the word and the U.K. dance crew that won "Britain's Got Talent," is one of the reasons expansion could be good. Obviously there are some dance styles still untapped on "ABDC."  Hip-hop ballroom dancers, anyone?  But many of those styles don't seem to translate.  So maybe the interpretation of hip hop-needs to change a bit too.  A worldwide perspective.

A dance crew from Korea called Last for One was at the Los Angeles Times today to film a piece for an upcoming video project about them that we'll be putting up Friday.  We filmed a quick introduction to the crew and asked them a few questions about "ABDC" and what they thought their prospects would be against the competition here.

The crew, from a small province in South Korea called Jeonju, performed at Lincoln Center recently and is featured in the movie "Planet B-Boy" where they won the 2005 Battle of the Year competition.  The video above is just a taste.  Here they are in the 2006 Battle of the Year contest:

It would be great to see them battle crews in the U.S. People who follow b-boy culture here know how widespread it is, but the general public may not. Crews from Germany, the Philippines, France and other countries share a common language in dance that "America's Best Dance Crew" translates well.

-- Jevon Phillips