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'NYC Prep': Taylor's choice

July 8, 2009 |  8:04 am

Who is it going to be, Taylor: Sebastian or Cole? It was the burning question on the sophomore's mind last night on "NYC Prep."

If we thought Sebastian was going to be the one breaking hearts on this show, we may have thought wrong. Even he admits to really liking Taylor and considers their relationship "different" from his others. Is he ready to give up other high school hook-ups to be with her? Probably not, but he definitely seems slightly more smitten and self-conscious when she's around.

Cole, on the other hand, is the kind of guy that prefers to lay it all on the table. He knows what he can offer (support, cool friends, the willingness to compromise) and he isn't afraid of his prep school competition. There's no doubt he's the needy one in the relationship, but Taylor also doesn't need to question his feelings for her. If he were sweeter and less demanding, he'd be a shoo-in.

Now what makes Taylor such a heartbreaker? She's got a cute smile, seems pretty smart and has interesting hobbies, but ultimately her ambivalence is what drives the boys wild. To Sebastian and Cole, Taylor poses a challenge. She gives them equal attention, but they always walk out of their dates not knowing where she stands. It also helps that she staunchly claims to not be a "relationship person" (cynicism is sexy in New York, even at age 15).

Taylor doesn't mean to be a player; she is truly on the fence about these guys. Sebastian feeds her social climbing aspirations ("I wanna marry rich," she admits) while Cole is the safe, comfortable guy who will always be there. Neither has all the qualities she really wants, so I understand her indecision. Next week's preview shows her chastising Sebastian, so she may either go back to the reliable ex or emerge empty-handed.

Meanwhile, PC and Jessie continue to examine their close friendship. Jessie acts as both a possessive girlfriend and a worried mother towards PC, so it's not too far fetched for her friend Kim to presume she's secretly in love with him. I believe deep down Jessie is waiting for the day when PC professes his love for her, but in the meantime, she'll deny they're anything more than best friends. With his increasing fussiness and snobbery, it's becoming difficult to find anything redeeming about PC, so if I were Jessie I'd keep him as a friend and only that.

Who should Taylor choose? Do you think Jessie is secretly in love with PC?

-- Enid Portuguez