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'NYC Prep': PC's fashion week faux pas

July 29, 2009 |  6:42 am

NYCPrep_fashionshow Oh, PC. Why must you be so annoying and awesome at the same time? New York Fashion Week descended upon "NYC Prep" last night, and the 18-year-old senior served up more drama than a model walk-off.

As someone who chastises others for committing the most minor social faux pas, PC should have been embarrassed of himself. Instead of being the seasoned sophisticate he's desperately tried to portray, he looked like an amateur. His overall sense of self-importance was laughable. There is no way he'd ever get to sit at the front row of a fashion show if he weren't starring in a reality TV show. When he threw a public fit over Kat stealing his seat at the Pamela Roland show, it was like watching a small child stomp his feet at not getting his toy.  "He's not even a girl!" his BFF Jessie cried.

Those sentiments were echoed by Kelli, who had been waiting to unleash her wrath on PC since that disastrous dinner party. When PC confronted her to "apologize" for his behavior at the dinner, she held nothing back. "I feel like I'm fighting with a girl," she told him. Oh snap! I'm glad someone put him in his place for once.

Jessie often does to an extent, but she undeniably has a soft spot for him. Even when he brought two friends to her first work event (thus breaking the cardinal rule of "guests of guests don't bring guests"), she chewed him out. But at the end of the night, she was more concerned that he'd choose partying over writing his papers.

The only person amused by PC is Taylor. She finds him so different from anyone she knows that she can't help but enjoy his company. PC's condescension toward her and Cole at the Jill Stuart show didn't even faze her; all she could do was laugh and shake her head. Last night, Taylor represented that part of us that secretly relishes in walking disasters. Although PC mainly incites annoyance and spite, there's also something oddly awesome and entertaining about watching arrogance on display. It's like we get to be in on the joke when the subject clearly is not. All we can do is laugh and shake our heads.

So what are your thoughts on the episode? Do you find PC awesome or abominable?

-- Enid Portuguez

Photo: Bravo