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'So You Think You Can Dance': parting thoughts from Jonathan Platero and Asuka Kondoh

June 26, 2009 |  1:16 pm

Asukajonathan After being sent home on "So You Think You Can Dance," contestants Jonathan Platero and Asuka Kondoh talked with journalists about their experiences on the show and as dancers:

Jonathan Platero

On his dance inspirations:
Michael Jackson was an inspiration to me: I grew up watching his videos and trying to learn his movies. Janet Jackson too: I was a fan of '80s dance.  I've always loved music videos, and I'd love to be a dancer for her.

How it felt for Nigel Lythgoe to bet he'd be in the bottom three after his Wednesday night hip-hop dance:
It hurt a little bit. I didn't think he'd be as tough as he was, but each judge is entitled to his own opinion. It was a tough style for me, so I couldn't blame him.

On any dance opportunities he wished he'd been able to experience on the show:
I was really looking forward to working with Sonya [Tayeh] for jazz -- that would have been awesome. 

Asuka Kondoh

On her choice of footwear during her solos:

I'm most comfortable dancing in heels because I'm a ballroom dancer, and that shows off best what I do.  If my solo looked strange it's because I didn't have a partner -- I was imagining I was holding my partner's hand.

On whether she was worried her number would be up when fellow ballroom dancer Max Kapitannikov was eliminated last week:
I knew that I had to try even harder because I'm a ballroom dancer -- I think it's a little bit harder for us to show our ability because it is a partner dance, but I didn't think just because he went home I would be.

On her "SYTYCD" partner, Vitolio Jeune:

We had our ups and downs but learned to have some chemistry and connect with each other. I hope that I can have the same kind of relationship I had with Vitiolio with every partner I get because it was wonderful. 

The most difficult genre to learn:
Jazz, because it was so against what I normally want to do as a Latin dancer: level changes, trying to dance in jazz shoes, being on bent knees, being lifted.

On whether her audition partner, Ricky Sun, will be trying out for Season 6 of the show:
 I have no idea -- you'll have to find out and watch!

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo: Fox