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President Obama shills for comedian George Lopez (updated)

June 19, 2009 | 12:11 pm


 Conan O'Brien isn't the only comedian getting presidential promotional assistance for his new gig.

On Friday, George Lopez appeared on "The View" to promote his new late-night TBS talk show, which premieres in November, and unveiled a funny spot he filmed with the president of the United States. In it, Lopez approaches President Obama about his future in government.

Lopez: I need to know if you're serious about a Cabinet position for me because I have an opportunity to do a talk show.

President Obama: Talk show. What kind of talk show?

Lopez:It would be a late-night talk show. You know, something loose, fun, diverse, inclusive, kinda like what Arsenio [Hall] did in the '90s. Let's say you offer me a job like secretary of State ambassador to Mexico, I mean, would I get a badge?

President Obama: No.

Lopez: Could I talk on the phone without using a blue...

President Obama:
No, George. You need to change late-night. That's the kind of change I can believe in.

Lopez: Would you be my sidekick?

President Obama:

Lopez: I can't do nothing!

Then Lopez told "The View" hosts that Latinos "find the Latino in everybody."

"And Barack Obama has the color of a Latino," Lopez joked. "You know, he lives in a house that's not his. That's very Latino. Spending money that he doesn't have. Always bailing people out. That's Mexican. His mother-in-law is helping him raise his kids. Come on, what are we doing?"

Update: You can watch the Obama spot here.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo credit: Getty Images