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'Heroes': Fuller's escape (?) and Masi's 'Defenders'

June 22, 2009 |  3:58 pm

Bryan2_jp1pv1kn Bryan Fuller, like many fans of the show, is reportedly leaving "Heroes."

Some critics are sayng the standby "just as the show was getting better" line -- and I'll echo that. Fuller's episodes, like "Company Man" and this past season's "Cold Snap," were a few of the moments where you thought the series was great -- or in the case of the last season, where you thought the show was turning a corner.

Casual fans may not realize the impact that some producers and writers have on shows.  Not the ones like J.J. Abrams or Joss Whedon, who are brilliant in their own ways but also well-known, but more behind-the-scenes people like Bryan Fuller or Jane Espenson who help craft and expand on themes and characters that can make the more well-known creators seem like geniuses.

Masi1 Not that the two are connected, but there's also the question of will Masi Oka follow in Fuller's footsteps?  He recently sold his "Defenders" idea, about online role-playing gamers who have to come together for a real-life adventure, to DreamWorks. He's been developing the idea for a while and had this to say about it: "I love 'Heroes,' don't get me wrong, but there's something about creating something from scratch that you don't get from being in front of the camera." I doubt Hiro is going anywhere soon, but with central actors straying (Zach on "Star Trek," Ali on "Obsessed," Hayden on "Beth Cooper," etc.) and getting opportunities outside of the show, who knows how long the show will last?

-- Jevon Phillips

P.S. Some other tidbits included:

-- Cylon Simon (Rick Worthy) could join the cast. (On the Flix)

-- Shots of Zach and Milo shooting scenes in downtown L.A. (Just Jared)

Photos: Bryan Fuller. (Credit: Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times) and Masi Oka. (Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images).