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'Grey’s Anatomy': Goin' to the chapel

May 8, 2009 |  8:21 am

It wasn’t exactly a shock that Meredith and Derek didn’t get hitched in the 100th episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” -- or even that Izzie and Alex did. That’s OK. Better, actually. The lushly romantic churchy-church wedding Izzie had so lovingly planned wasn’t really Mer-Der’s style anyway; it was hers, and who can begrudge the poor cancer-stricken girl a little "til death do us part" before she likely departs?

To be sure, the event was an only-on-TV fantasy. Izzie’s glorious blonde hair may have been falling out in clumps but, somehow, it was strong enough to withstand both a curling iron and a spray of flowers. And, in a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-esque twist, Meredith’s dress fit her taller, bustier friend absolutely perfectly. The groom even lifted his “today’s the day my life begins” vows from a patient, a valedictorian who was en route to her college graduation when a semi slammed into the SUV she was riding in and ultimately killed seven of her friends. Still, it was next to impossible not to get swept up in the moment, what with Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers getting all teary and acting the hell out of the thing.

Unfortunately, the big day was marred by the reappearance of Denny, but at least this time, the Seattle Gracers were equally dismayed by his presence. Hallucination Denny -- all shadowy and black-shirted -- meant Izzie had yet another tumor, which prompted Bailey to instruct Iz, “Tell Denny Duquette I say go home.” Brilliant. And oh-so-necessary.

Even though Mer-Der didn’t get to tie the knot, the would-be groom did get his fiancé a perfect wedding gift: An inflamed colon. Meredith aced her first solo surgery, as her man surely knew she would. Are those two meant for each other or what?

In other couples news, Cristina and Owen inched towards reconciliation. (She wouldn’t be taking down that PTSD-triggering ceiling fan in her bedroom unless she planned on inviting him back there again at some point.) And Callie nearly threw away her relationship with Arizona over a pricey romantic dinner she said she couldn’t afford. Question about that: I get that Callie’s dad disowned her and cut her off from the trust fund and all that, but doctors make good money, no? Surely, a surgeon’s salary would cover rent, groceries and a nice date with the girlfriend every now and again.

What did you think of Izzie and Alex’s wedding? Should Mer-Der get theirs in the finale? What else do you hope to see in the final episode of the season?

– Shawna Malcom