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A fond farewell to 'Prison Break'

May 15, 2009 |  4:00 am

The story of “Prison Break” lasted four years for viewers but only seven months for its characters -- an insanely short period of time when you consider the whacked toes and hand, the prison murder of a beloved cat, the beheadings, the near-drowning bathtub torture, the countless shootings, explosions and stabbings, the removal of a body tattoo in one sitting, the resurrection of dead people and, of course, the two prison breaks.

When the Fox series ends tonight, all mysteries are resolved in an action-packed two-hour finale. But in a rewarding twist, the show ends softly, with a sentimental montage that moves the survivors four years into the future. As someone who has reported stories about the series since it launched, I admit I had to grab the Kleenex.

Though I confess that “Prison Break” hasn't always held my attention.

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