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'Harper's Island': That's weird

April 24, 2009 | 10:56 pm



After a couple of weeks (or just a day or so in screen time), one of the mysterious deaths on "Harper’s Island" has been discovered. Sheriff Mills starts off investigating the death of Kelly Seaver, whom they found hanged last week in her really nice place. Seriously, it is a really nice house. Big windows, lots of space. Probably cheap now that they found a dead girl in it. I should have my real estate agent call.

I’ve been waiting three episodes for the rest of the cast to become aware of the murders going on around them, and the general reaction can be best summed up by J.D. when Abby let him know Kelly was dead. “That’s weird.” What a bizarre way to go to commercial.

Sheriff Mills has a short conversation with the island’s doctor about Kelly and her mega-severe case of pink eye and then rushes over to tell his daughter Abby what happened. In that one scene, Abby manages to simultaneously get on her dad’s case about investigating Kelly’s death (which he seemed to already be doing on his own) and withhold vital information from him (doesn’t really help him investigate).

Abby starts a little investigation of her own. Though everywhere she goes, her dad seems to be right there with her. In so many suspense/thrillers, law enforcement always comes off as incompetent compared to the plucky protagonist. I’m glad Sheriff Mills is good at his job. Plus it means lots of screen time for actor Jim Beaver, of whom I’m also a fan.

You know who else I was a fan of in this episode? The victim. I have to admit that before I even watched Ka-Blam, I knew Hunter was going to get knocked off. Got a little spoiler while surfing the Net. He did a good  job of making you want him dead: sneaking into the dressing room with the bride, blackmailing her father when he wanted out of the “bang my daughter” deal, and just general bad-boy behavior. By the time the gun popped up on his speed boat, I was cheering for Hunter to die.

But the biggest mystery to the guests so far seems to be why is Chloe with Cal? Every male in the cast seems to be asking that question. Even Cal. Though it was a good chance to get some background on the Brit. Found out he’s a doctor. I wonder if that’ll come in handy before all’s said and done.

The episodes are living up to their titles. I’m not sure how Whap came from either death in the pilot, but Crackle definitely reflected Lucy’s demise, and Ka-Blam is spot on for Hunter. Who’s going to go out with a Bang next week? I’m going to double up on my bet last week that it’s Beth.

Keep track of who’s gone and who’s still around here, and let me know who you think is a goner.

— Andrew Hanson

Photo: CBS