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'Fringe': 'I know a lot about the things you want'

April 29, 2009 |  7:30 am

118_midnight_0037 Eighty-one people have died in "Fringe" cases since Olivia joined the department. “That’s not including the 147 on Flight 627.” I didn’t know Olivia was keeping track, but it’s an interesting statistic. This is the 18th adventure we’ve been on with Agent Dunham and the Bishops, and the time on the job has affected the team. Agent Reddick pointed out that he remembered when a human killer used to be a given, not an option. Walter acknowledged that they’d be hunting “something exciting, I’m sure.” Though Peter still doesn’t know to wear gloves while playing with these bodies? Really?

After all those previous cases, we see a horror worse than anything so far. Of course, I’m talking about the Two Singles Together couple. How scary was that pair? I’m not sure if their relationship is better or worse than Charlie and the lizardwaspbatthingie.

On the flip side of the Two Singles Together are Valerie and Nicholas Boone. So much in love that Nicholas willingly drains his own spinal fluid and saws open dogs. Hallmark doesn’t make cards for that level of love.

Olivia encounters Nicholas Boone while tracking a killer that drains the victims of spinal fluid. He agrees to spill the beans on ZFT if she’ll help him cure his wife, who’s been driven to commit these killings  because of a disease the nefarious organization inflicted upon her. He’ll talk only after they catch his wife, so Olivia (along the audience) is forced to follow through with this case in order to get the larger answers she (and we) so desperately want.

Olivia leads a SWAT team, Peter contacts his criminal connections, Walter kills a rat, blah blah blah, and abracadabra, Valerie Boone is captured and cured. Though in order to find the antidote, Nicholas made the ultimate sacrifice. Just when you think he’s taken his secrets to the grave, Walter hands off a VHS tape Nicholas recorded before surgery. And even better, they’re able to find a VCR. Man, do they even make those anymore?

Nicholas (and the writers who wrote him) teased of big answers to the questions surrounding ZFT but ends up giving up only one name. Granted, it’s a pretty big name: William Bell.

If you haven’t already heard, Leonard Nimoy will be playing William Bell in the season finale. Oh, yeah. Spoiler alert. So for the second week in a row, "Fringe" has ended with the slow build to his introduction. Last week, we heard Nimoy’s voice on one of Walter Bishop’s old videotapes. Now our ZFT turncoat named William Bell as the movement’s financier. We’re on a collision course with Walter’s old lab partner. Can’t wait to see the wreckage.

Awkward Moment -- Olivia asking her boss for his divorce lawyer’s number. Jeez, Liv. Doesn’t really seem like the right time to whip out your detective skills. You’re not interrogating the guy. Seems like there could have been a much more tactful way to get a referral than saying you know your boss is separated because he talks to his kids on the phone but never his wife. Next time just send a polite e-mail.

Astrid Action -- Catching the nightclub stamp. We got a little Sherlock Holmes from our favorite lab assistant. Or should I say Dr. House? Update my references a little. Though how does Astrid know so much about the hand stamps you get at night clubs. Isn’t she supposed to be studying and forensicing? Her father and I would be so disappointed.

Spot the Observer -- Last week, I joked about the Observer not trying so hard in finding his hiding spots. This week, it took a third pass before I spotted him. You can watch him stroll past behind the cold opening victim scoping out the nightclub. It’s nice to see the Observer getting out and grooving to some "She Wants Revenge." I bet he could do pretty well with the ladies. But more importantly, did you spot the Observer in the preview at the end of "Fringe"? Looks like he’s coming for Walter.

-- Andrew Hanson

Photo: Fox