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'Brothers & Sisters': Brothers and secrets

March 9, 2009 |  7:24 am

Things did not look good for Tommy Walker on Sunday night's episode of "Brothers & Sisters." I suppose no happy ending comes out of embezzling money from the family business, but the real wrath comes when you don't tell your own mother about it.

After Tommy's arrest and arraignment, it's a little difficult to believe Nora could be in the dark for that long. Nora's part of the Ojai Foods board of directors -- wouldn't she have at least gotten a call from a fellow board member? But that's besides the point. How about that slap! It was well deserved if you ask me. It's one thing to keep a secret from Nora Walker but another to have it revealed by the newly anointed illegitimate son, Ryan, during a party she worked hard to plan.

While Tommy bore the brunt of Nora's anger, it was Saul who disappointed her most. I enjoy watching Sally Field and Ron Rifkin's scenes together because the show's title not only refers to the relationships among the Walker siblings, it also refers to Nora and Saul's. Their relationship is complicated -- he's often acted as a confidante to her late husband as well as her children in situations where she's kept ignorant -- but you can also rely on them to remain supportive of each other despite this, much like the Walkers. 

Tommy's troubles also wreaked havoc on Justin and Rebecca's relationship, which seemed doomed from the start. As much as the writers tried to make this couple sweet and palatable, it was hard to shake the creepy incestuous aspect of it. There was also no way they were going to maintain neutrality or escape the Tommy-Holly conflict unscathed. While I wasn't a big fan of Justin and Rebecca's relationship, I don't know if I can co-sign on a Ryan-Rebecca union either. Last night was a pre-cursor to the classic (and predictable) torn-between-two-brothers storyline, which takes the incestuousness even further when you factor in Rebecca's former half-sister status. The only way this story could get interesting is if they have Justin, Ryan and Rebecca throwing chairs at each other on "Jerry Springer." 

Meanwhile, Kitty and Robert's marriage continues to strain even after his discharge from the hospital. His reluctance to tell his kids about his condition annoys Kitty, who's becoming more of a nag than a solid support system. Robert's stubbornness isn't helping either, but his heartbreaking cry showed Kitty's not the only one suffering.

What are your thoughts? Are you happy or bummed about Justin and Rebecca's break-up? Do you approve of the impending Ryan-Justin-Rebecca love triangle?

-- Enid Portuguez