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'Biggest Loser': Hell hath no fury like Jillian scorned

March 10, 2009 | 10:24 pm

Jillian_bl_jtry9lnc_250 We could talk about Mike's stellar results at the weigh-in, Tara winning the "wall sits" challenge and the ability to create a blue vs. black, player-by-player showdown at the weigh-in. (Has that ever been done before on "Biggest Loser"? Hopefully it will become a staple: It ratcheted up the tension to a new high.) We could also talk about the scrappy blue team or the three-hankie elimination.

But we'd just be wasting time.

This season, we saw a different side of Bob. Well, tonight we found out that Jillian has a whole new level of mad, flaring nostrils mad.

The black team won 24 hours of luxury, and, to Jillian's dismay, her players squandered it on massages, mani-pedis, smoking and diet-busting meals, including filet mignon, chicken fingers, mashed potatoes and fries. And lots and lots of tequila. And no sleep.

To think that they could get away with this was ridiculous. Hello! There are cameras! So of course Jillian's spies reported back to her, and she confronted her teammates when they got back to the ranch. (I seriously thought she was going to start yanking her hair out.)

"The second you leave you smoke? You get wasted?" she said, raising questions about what they've really learned on the ranch if they crumbled the first time they were tempted in the "real world."

"What the [expletive] am I here for? Why should I care if you don't care?" asked Jillian, who said she has been lying awake at night, fretting about the fate of her players, only to see them throw it all away.

Then Filipe flipped out. But, what do you think -- did he really deserve that wig-out? Or was it a brazen attempt to turn the tables on Jillian? To be sure, Filipe rightly felt left out when Jillian inexplicably did not work him out in the gym. It was hard to tell exactly what Filipe was saying with his high-pitched screeching, but it went something like, "I was wondering when I was gonna get my turn, when I was gonna get my turn. And you didn't. You didn't." Then he stormed out, followed by his cousin Sione, and they ran to Bob and said they wanted to go back to his team.

Should Bob have taken these guys in? (And was it me, or did Bob seem to be enjoying all of this?) Or was this unfair to Jillian, who seems to be blamed by Sione and Filipe for twists to the game that had nothing to do with her?

It all led up to a weigh-in that left the black team spanked for its bad behavior on the road. They won, but barely. The blue team's Mandi gained 2 pounds, which contributed to blue being forced to send someone home. Aubrey tried to engineer the elimination so that her sister, Mandi, could stay on the ranch. But at the last minute, in a three-hankie elimination, Mandi sacrificed herself. "I can do it at home and she can't," Mandi said as her sister put her head down on the elimination table and sobbed. "It's time for me to be the big sister."

-- Rene Lynch

(Photo courtesy Trae Patton/NBC)