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Countdown to 'Dollhouse': 13 days to go

February 1, 2009 | 11:54 am

We're excited. "Dollhouse," Joss Whedon's first foray back into the murky waters of television since the "Firefly" debacle, premieres Feb. 13. Until then, we'll be bringing you daily exclusives: cast interviews, photos and more.

The show stars Eliza Dushku, best known as Faith from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," as one of a group of "dolls," or actives, whose personalites and skills can be programmed to fit whatever their high-paying clients need. They are rented from an organization known simply as The Dollhouse.  After completing their various missions, the memory of the active is wiped clean.  It's here where the problems start for Echo (Dushku), who begins to remembers bits she's not supposed to.

Beyond the much-debated Friday-night scheduling, one of the most buzzed-about components of the show is the set itself, a spa-like haven for the dolls.  In Sunday's paper, a feature by ace Times TV reporter Maria Elena Fernandez chronicles some of the challenges involved with bringing Whedon's architectural vision to life. 

We have exclusive video illustrating how the set was brought to life, complete with commentary from Whedon and the actors.

Come back Monday for an exclusive Q&A with Eliza Dusku herself.

-- Jevon Phillips and Denise Martin

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