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'Biggest Loser': Black vs. Blue Part 2

February 25, 2009 | 10:38 pm

How can you lose 13 pounds in one week -- and set the record for losing 100 pounds in just eight weeks -- and still not lose enough weight to protect yourself from elimination?

Welcome to "The Biggest Loser."

The teams changed. Alliances shifted. And the person on the losing team who lost the most weight this week was protected from elimination. Got all that? Well, it all helped spell o-u-s-t-e-r for Dane in the second part of this two-part episode.

It's too soon to say whether this was the result of outright game play -- Dane clearly has the ability to go the distance -- or because the rest of the team just couldn't bear to turn on Ron, the patriarch of the group, who has impressed all with his heartfelt way at looking at the competiton but has knee problems and has been lagging behind the rest in terms of weight loss.

From Dane's point of view, it was a mistake. His teammates will soon miss him and his athletic ability to win challenges for his team. But he was also one of the biggest threats -- if not the biggest -- on the ranch. So was this a shrewd move by the blue team to give the remaining contestants a shot at the prize?

If you look ahead a few steps, it's hard to imagine Ron can last much longer. If he goes, his son Mike, who is really picking up the pace, could crumble without him. So this elimination could set the stage for those other two eliminations, giving all the remaining contestants three more valuable weeks at the ranch. But what do you think? Does this theory hold water?

The best part of the show, IMHO, is always the last few moments, when we get to see the progress that the departed contestant has made at home. This one was quite satisfying: Dane just finished his first marathon and plans to do many more with his in-shape wife. Nice to also get that brief glimpse of his cousin, Blaine, who was kicked off earlier in the season.

-- Rene Lynch