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'The City': Nevan Donahue dotes on cousin, prostitutes

January 8, 2009 | 12:23 pm

Nevan_2 Be wary the company you keep while on MTV's "The City," Olivia Palermo. Nevan Donahue may be your cousin/would-be gay best friend/slobby snob, but he's also a fugitive.

Turns out a $100 fee for hocking phlegm on a subway is but a pinprick for the unkempt Uptown twentysomething; the cops may be after him for a lot more. The NY Post has the scoop:

The $100 fine that insufferable Nevan Donahue had to pay for spitting on the subway on last week's episode of MTV's "The City" is the least of his legal worries. According to the clerk at the Palm Beach Courthouse, Donahue, 28, has a warrant out for his arrest for failing to meet terms of his probation after he was busted last year for trying to pick up a prostitute. Donahue, the ostensibly straight cousin of uptown "social" Olivia Palermo, was given probation and told to complete 75 hours of community service after being arrested Feb. 27, 2007, while trying to solicit a hooker in West Palm Beach. A warrant was put out for Donahue's arrest last August after he failed to put in the hours. A rep said Donahue, the son of an art dealer, had no comment. A spokeswoman for MTV tells Page Six, "We had no knowledge of his arrest."

Check out his mugshot and fun shots of Donahue in "going out" mode. Classy.

--Denise Martin

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Photo credit: MTV