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'The City': Allie and her sidekick, Whitney whatsherface

January 27, 2009 |  7:15 am

Restaurant_1_0272_2 At the top of tonight's episode of "The City," Whitney Port turned to coworker Olivia for advice. Whitney, after all, served as dutiful nodder, sigher and omigod-er to Lauren Conrad on "The Hills" for all that time, and the fair-haired New York newbie figured that as the star of her own spin-off, she'd have her own confidante. Not so much…

Olivia cut Whitney off just seconds into her venting sesh. "My best advice is to stay out of it," interrupted the pint-sized self-proclaimed social, explaining Whit's trials and travails were all a little high school for her heightened sensibility. "I just needed someone to talk to about it," replied Whitney, flustered, "but if you don’t want to hear it...."

Olivia smiled that purse-lipped smile that said, I'm glad we understand one another.

So, sorry Whit; looks like even on "The City" you'll be relegated to the role of incredulous bestie.

In tonight's episode, Whit served as intrepid confidante to her boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend, Allie. What, you mean you wouldn't stop what you were doing and take on the trauma of your boyfriend's best friend's girlfriend? Whom you've met all of, oh, once? Well then you are no Whitney Port. Sheesh, our heroine even donned a crown-of-thorns-inspired headpiece tonight!

So, after much back and forth, Adam was revealed as a cheater this evening. The other woman actually told Allie! It was a sad scene, sure, but we could all breathe a collective sigh of relief watching it, knowing that, thanks to her revelation, Allie would escape her unrepentant, cheating, greasy, wannabe model boyfriend. (What did Allie ever see in him? What does Jay see in him, for that matter? And really, what does MTV see in him?)

But not so fast folks; in a twist, the end of tonight's episode saw the cheater and the cheated strolling off into the darkness together, the scent of forgiveness in the air. Here's hoping that with the help of her sidekick, Whitney whatsherface, Allie will straighten out her dramatic lapse in judgment next week.

Till then...

Stephanie Lysaght

PS. Did anybody else think Olivia and her bratty cousin, Nevan, actually began to make sense this week? I found their bitchy P.O.V. after the downtown party to be utterly refreshing. "I wouldn’t even know how to invite people like that to a party," pondered Nevan. "I wouldn’t even know where to find them." Very Amanda and Marc St. James. Keep it up!

Photo: MTV