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'Brothers & Sisters': Going green

January 19, 2009 |  8:33 am

Sunday night's episode of "Brothers & Sisters" managed to convince me that the show was gradually moving back toward the funny yet heartfelt series we all knew and loved. Maybe it was because a lot of it had to do with love -- for oneself and for others -- and love, cheesily enough, seems to conquer all.

This episode was sponsored by the color green, whether it represented the eco-conscious message of Sarah's company Greenotopia, the envy felt by the Greenotopia boys toward the objects of their affection or the feelings experienced by Sarah and Nora at the thought of reinvigorating their personal lives. Everything flowed organically. The arguments weren't overly dramatic, and the jokes weren't excruciatingly forced.

Sarah's age crisis was well played. In her struggle to win investors for Greenotopia, she is confronted with the fact that her lack of Twittering skills and a Facebook profile goes hand in hand with her stale, out-of-touch personal life. Apart from the brief Steven Weber flirtation, Sarah's been a broke, grumpy divorcee desperate for a revamp. Having Ethan be secretly in love with her made total sense, as did the timing of his confession. Of course, he'd spill his guts on the heels of their big investor news. I'm thankful they didn't take it further. As much as I want Sarah to shack up with a hot, young thing, he needs to be new blood and not someone she views as juvenile.

Sarah's struggles with her personal life also reflected Nora's. It's always funny when Nora partakes in activities mostly expected from her children. Perhaps it's Sally Field's youthful ebullience (she's somehow retained that Gidget quality), but she makes the tousled hair, smeared makeup and the story of mixing pills with martinis believable. Nora and Roger finally get their kiss, but unlike Sarah and Ethan, they'll have to balance their romantic and work relationship.

Justin's and Rebecca's relationship will soon be challenged by his new role as sponsor to a lovely addict named Chelsea. Justin has a weakness for blonds, so I have no doubt their "temporary" situation will complicate things in the episodes to come.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Will Nora and Roger end happily ever after? Will Justin succumb to his duties as Chelsea's sponsor?

-- Enid Portuguez