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'Brothers & Sisters': Taking a risk

January 12, 2009 |  8:41 am

It's a busy time for the Walker clan in "Brothers & Sisters." Whether one is building a house, plotting an overthrow, mortgaging her house for a business gamble or running for governor, each is given a challenge that involves a fair amount of risk.

Let's start with Nora. After recently employing the "genius" architect Roger Grant to build her cancer-center project, she hits a snag when his proposal more resembles Gehry than Jerry's kids. It isn't the cylindrical glass tower he has planned that bothers Nora but his condescending approach to her when she disagrees. The guy's a jerk but the perfect kind to set up as Nora's love interest. Superficially, they're polar opposites. He's polished, arrogant (funny how much a British accent can accomplish) and accustomed to being worshiped and successful. She's neurotic, accommodating and accustomed to being the backseat driver in other people's lives. I'm guessing his expectations for greatness will inspire Nora to be more assertive and confident while her commitment to charity and compassion will bring him back down to earth. So far, it looks as though they have the potential to make a good team ... or, at the very least, a good cancer center.

Kitty and Sarah also have their own problems syncing. Sarah must find $120,000 to bankroll Greenotopia site improvements or risk losing the company altogether. Lo and behold, Kitty has that much money locked away somewhere, but Sarah lets her ego get in the way of accepting the check. Again, to Sarah, it wasn't what Kitty did, it was how she approached it. I would have been taken aback that, in this economic climate, Kitty would have that much money to give. She obviously didn't invest in the stock market. They addressed the current economy with Sarah's difficulty to get a business loan, but Kitty nonchalantly whipping out a check for $120K was a bit much, don't you think?

Meanwhile, after Holly once again signs off on a huge decision without consulting him, Tommy sets forth his plans to overthrow her. He won't get the support he expected from Saul, who disapproves the illegality of Tommy's scheme to anonymously buy an orchard that he'll in turn convince Ojai to partner with. He'll have to go it alone and risk the consequences. If the rumors about Balthazar Getty getting pushed out of the show do turn out to be true (he and his reps have so far denied them), jail could be a possible reason for Tommy's absence.

Lastly, we have Robert and Kevin, whose working relationship is constantly tested by their personal one. Robert plans to run for governor of California, a decision he wants to keep a secret, even from Kitty. We know Kevin can't keep secrets from his family, so his lying to Kitty's face will inevitably come back to bite him. Remaining loyal to both Robert as his communications director and Kitty as her brother is going to be nearly impossible for Kevin. I think he's going to have to choose between the two, and I have a feeling it won't be Kitty he sacrifices. That said, things wouldn't look good for Robert.

What are your thoughts on the episode? Do you think Nora and Roger will make a good couple? How far will Tommy go to get rid of Holly? Will Robert's run for governor jeopardize his relationship with Kitty?

--Enid Portuguez